David Hoberman
Film and Television Producer
A Notable Jewish Professional from the Greater Duluth-Superior Region

David Hoberman is a film and television producer best known for his part in creating the television series Monk. He is the founder and co-owner of Mandeville Films and Television.

David was born in 1952. His parents were Jacklyn Ann Kanter Hoberman and Chisholm-born Ben Hoberman. His grandparents were Fega Fannie Bernstein and Max W Hoberman. A three generation list of the descendents of Fega and Max is shown further down the page.

A summary of information about David is shown in the Wikipedia clipping below. There is more on the full Wikipedia page at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Hoberman.

source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An additional summary of information about David from the Mandeville Films website is shown below. There is more on the full Maneville page at https://mandfilms.com/about/david-hoberman/.

source: Maddeville Films website

Pictures of David

Three generation descendents list for Ben's parents:

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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