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This page provides links to some Catalina del Sol Home Owners' Association reference documents that I had in my files from when I was president. I am making them available for possible incorporation into the CDS website at The CDS webmaster is welcome to incorporate all or none of these pages as he or she desires.

Links to CDS Documents
Reference Materials CDS Map with Lot Numbers and Addresses
Lot Number vs Address Correlation
Address vs Lot Number Correlation
Compiled CC&R Document
Fines Resolution - adopted Mar 1, 2017
Historical Record of CDS Officers
CDS Fire Hydrant Locations
Directory Information
as of
March 2005
2005 CDS Directory Listings
2005 Neighborhood Map with Lot Ownership
Architechtural Review Committee Procedures
CC&R Compliance Committee Procedures
Quick Reference CC&R Diagram
Photographs Panoramic View of Mountains from CDS
CDS Satellite Photo
CDS Satellite Photo (enlarged)
More CDS Photographs

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