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Jewish American Bicentennial Celebration
October 24, 1976

A Short History of the Duluth Jewish Community - - 1870-1976

writen and edited by Bertha (Mrs. Samuel) Singer
about the author

Art created by Ruth Edelstein Karon
about the artist
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Source: Jack Abramson and scanned and submitted by Karen Entous - Oct 2012

About the Author (Obituary):

Brenda ''Bertha'' Singer, 94, of Boca Raton, Fla., passed away Wednesday, March 1, 2000. She was born in Poland in 1905 to David and Lena Naymark and came to America in 1914.

She was a member of Temple Beth El in Boca Raton and Temple Israel in Duluth. She was a past president of the following organizations in Duluth: Temple Israel Sisterhood, League of Women Voters, Council of Jewish Women, Hadassah, International Institute; and the Jewish Education Center. She was an officer of Temple Israel, co-chair of the Democratic Party and owner of L. Singer & Son, a wholesale clothing distributor in Duluth. In Boca Raton, she was a past treasurer of the Temple Beth-El Sisterhood and was the comptroller of Best Wishes Inc. (West).

She was preceded in death by her husband, Samuel; a brother, Leonard Naymark; and a grandson, Shawn Seiler. S he is survived by her children, Gerald (Joanne), Harold (Audree), Marilyn Modell, Rabbi Merle (Myra) Singer and Sharyn Seiler; siblings Sherman Naymark, Harriet Jacobs and Pearl Sigel; 16 grandchildren; and 22 great-grandchildren.

     Source: Duluth News-Tribune - March 5, 2000

About the Artist (Obituary):

The artist was Ruth Edelstein Karon.

     Source: Duluth News-Tribune - March 9, 1992

Comments from readers:

"I remember seeing it in my parents' house. I don't know if I realized what it was made for. Mother was well aware of how much the community divided around many things, to serve different needs, but 1976 was before it really began to come back together again as it is today. Now, 40 years later, that art would have to be a little different! But it was wonderful to read it. Thanks for scanning and sharing it. I assume a copy is in the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest, in Minneapolis as well as the Duluth public library."

Suzon Karon Gordon - daughter of Ruth Edelstein and Robert Joseph Karon

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