A. Kemp Fisheries, Inc - Duluth

A. Kemp Fisheries, Inc was located in Duluth at 4832 West Superior Street. It was established in 1930 by Aron and Abe Kemp. It was later owned and operated by Louis Kemp. It is now a susidiary of Trident Seafoods Corporation. Advertisements from 1976 and 1985 are shown below.

source: Jewish Fellowship News - September 1976

source: Jewish Fellowship News - 1985

Abe William Kemp (1910-1967) was married to Freida Figler Kemp (1907-1998). Their obituaries mention their involvement in A. Kemp Fish Company or otherwise called A. Kemp Fisheries. Both of their obituaries are shown below.

Obituary for Abe Kemp (1910-1967)

Obituary for Freida Figler Kemp (1907-1998)

The two news articles below provide more information on Kemp Fisheries. The first discusses commercial fishing on Lake Superior and the second is about closing the Kemp plant in Duluth. A portion of each article is shown and links are provided to the full text.

Commercial Fishing on Lake Superior - 2012 (cropped) - Zenith City Online - - full article

News article in part - August 23, 2002 - by Duluth Budgeteer - - full article

Abe William Kemp (1910-1967) was a son of Freida Figler Kemp (1907-1998) and Louis Kempinsky (1877-1940). Abe and Freida's son Louis E Kemp (born 1942) later owned and operated the Kemp Fisheries. A pedigree chart for Louis is shown below.

The business was established in 1930 by Aron and Abe Kemp. We have no listing of an Aron Kemp in our family tree database.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

A two-generation descendents list for Freida and Abe is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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