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Albenberg and Company was a dry goods store that started in Superior and moved to Duluth in about 1905. It was located at 105-107 West Superior Street. The store was operated by Max C. Albenberg (1864-1948). At this time, we have very little Albernberg family data in our family tree database.

Other clothing stores with the name Albenberg include Albenberg & Company in Superior, Miller-Albenberg in Duluth and Maurices-Albenberg in Duluth.

March 5, 1905
Most of the news article posted on this page had been pubished in the Duluth News Tribune.

March 21, 1905

October 3, 1905

The following pictures show the Albenberg store and a larger view along Superior Street and Second Avenue West of upper side of the street. The photos were taken in about 1905 and are courtesy of the University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections.

Albenbergs on Superior Street - c1905
The left image shows the Albenbergs store with its protruding sign.
The right hand picture includes the nearer store next to Albenbergs (with the three peaks) which is Miller-Albenberg.
The entire picture of the Superior Street view is shown below.

Superior Street view in c1905 showing where both Albenbergs and Miller-Albenbergs stores. - hi res

May 5, 1906

January 31, 1908

May 1, 1908

April 4, 1909

April 4, 1909

June 2, 1918
Note that M. C. Albenberg Company was formerly Miller-Albenberg Company.

July 10, 1941

Oct 1951

The following Albenberg family tree data are from our database.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Markers located in the Duluth Jewish cemeteries with the name Albenberg are listed below

Albenberg, Frederic B 1899-1992    
Temple Emanuel - Duluth

Albenberg, Lillie 1868-1940    
Temple Emanuel - Duluth

Albenberg, Max C 1864-1948    
Temple Emanuel - Duluth

Temple Emanuel - Duluth

Albenberg Obituaries

list of Albenberg obits from the Duluth Public Library Index

Elaine Carlson Albenberg obit - - 1917-2012

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