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Bear Shoe Works is located in Superior at 801 Tower Avenue. It has been serving the Northland since 1912 and is still in operation. Charles Bear (1886-1951) was the founder and operator of the Bear Shoe Works, according to his obituary shown below. Harry Bear (1924-1999) was the owner and operator later, according to his obituary also shown below. The current owner of the business since 1999 is Klaus Nieder according to his LinkedIn page.

date and source are unknown

source: GoogleMaps Street View - 2017

Charles Bear (1886-1951) - source Jewish Fellowship News

click here for the obit of Harry's wife Lenore Smith Bear (1929-2021)

Charles Bear (1886-1951), the original owner of Bear Shoe Works, was married to Blema and they had six children, all born in Wisconsin except for the oldest who was born in Poland. Their son Harry later owned the business. A two-generation descendents list for Blema and Charles is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Harry Bear was a son of Blema Lena Bear (1886-1968) and Charles Bear (1996-1951). He was married in 1951 to Lenore Smith Bear (1929-2021), and they had four children. A two-generation descendents list for Lenore and Harry is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Charles and Harry (maybe?) - - Source: Bear Shoe Works Facebook page

Lenore Smith Bear with three of her kids, Michelle Bear Baddin, Lisa Bear London and Stewart Bear
source: Facebook 2019

Bear Shoe Works is still in business after over 110 years. The following images came from their website.

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