Jewish Professionals and Businesses - Lists

Lists of Jewish professionals and business have appeared in other publications over the years. Some of these lists are reproduced here.

Some Jewish-Owneed Businesses in Duluth, 1915-1925 - source - Jewish Fellowship News, 1985 - - original at hi res

Businesses on Duluth 1st Street in 1925 - - source - Duluth Herald, Dec 14, 1925 - - original
Jewish businesses are highlighted

List of stores selling Congolium products - source: Congoleum ad from the 1922 Dululth newspaper - - original full ad as pdf
Jewish businesses are indicated

Listing of Jewish Physicians - - source: Jewish Fellowship News - 1985

Listing of Jewish Lawyers - - source: Jewish Fellowship News - 1985

Other Professionals - - source: Jack Abramson - January 2015

List of Retail Clothing Store from the 1905 Duluth Directory
Many of the Jewish business men in Duluth were in the retail clothing area. A list of all the 1905 retail clothing stores in Duluth from the Duluth Directory is shown below (Courtesy of Karen Entous). The list includes Jewish and non-Jewish owned businesses. The recollections of Joel Labovitz regarding these businesses is provided below the list.

Recollections about these businesses from former Duluth businessman Joel Labovitz (October 2016):
- - - The Big Duluth: Livingston Family: non-Jewish...long gone
- - - Casmir: Descendant became a bartender, his kids left Duluth...
- - - Columbia: Non-Jews...still around, various Owners..
- - - Cook's: Gone, Was Jewish owned..
- - - Moses knowledge
- - - Daneiko...daughter Carole, now 86, if alive, but I don't know where (no retailing that I remember)..
- - - knowledge..
- - - Henry Levine...maybe a Produce dealer, but many years ago..
- - - M G knowledge..
- - - Atel and Isador knowledge, but there was a Dukuthian, Leslie Lieberman who was killed in Vietnam War...
- - - Mendelson...Men's wear, but maybe not Jewish..
- - - Two Oreckovsky's...First Street Dep't Store...Failed, and Oreck's (women's apparel) Failed (my Mother, Ella Lavine, from Superior, WI, worked there on Saturdays about 1921 ($1 per day).. Joe Oreckovsky had three sons: All married wealthy women; One married General David Sarnoff's (Founder of RCA) daughter ....their mother, Sheba, told them "It's as easy to fall in love with a rich girl as a poor girl" worked out....
- - - Polinsky's: Brothers Abe and Nat, had a large door-to-door clothing selling business called 'Minnesota Woolen'; The brothers separated in the '60's or '70's...Abe moved to San Diego, bought the Coca-Cola Bottling Company, and did very well with it. I play bridge with his 93 year-old Son-in-Law on Wednesdays.
- - - I have no knowledge of the last five names.

Jewish Fellowship News

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