Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum

The Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum was in operation from 1868 to 1924. It was not located in Duluth but was mentioned in several articles in our Old Newspaper Articles - Index related to children being sent there or in reference to fund raising for the organization.

According to Karen Alpert Entous:

"There are several references to the Cleveland Orphanage in the newspaper section. Several individuals and organizations were interested in raising money for the facility. The Zien family was a major donor to the organization. Mrs. Matilda Zien donated $300 to the orphanage at the time of her death. Throughout the years she was a donor. She understood what it meant to be in an orphanage and had compassion for their fate. She did not have children of her own, but throughout her life contributed to the welfare of her extended family by finding them work in her husband's liquor distribution business.

"I do know from what I have found, that the community always tried to place the children with relatives first or within the community that they lived. It was with great sadness when the children ended up in an orphanage."

More about the organization can be found at the website entitled Inside Looking Out - The Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum 1868 - 1924. The site is based on a book written by Gary Edward Polster as explained in the image below.

Jewish Orphan Asylum Main Building (ca 1900)
Online on the Cleveland Memory Project.

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