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Coran & Dennis was an electric appliance store that was located at 229 North Central Avenue in West Duluth. The proprietors were Alexander Ralph Coran (1890-1962) and Jacob Harry Dennis (1889-1968).

Memories of interest:
"In the early 20's, brothers-in law Al Coran and Jake Dennis were partners in an electrical appliance business in West Duluth, where in addition to the usual household appliances, they sold sewing machines and automobile batteries."
source: Letter from Arnold A. Cohen dated December 4, 1993

"I was very young when my grandfather Alex lived with us. I do remember he was very handy and did fix singer sewing machines."
source: Email from Barbara Daneiko Melton dated February 2022

"So it turns out that Al and Jake, brothers-in-law, ran an appliance store, mostly washing machines and sewing machines in Duluth. We have a picture somewhere of the store front with my grandpa Jake sitting on a motorcycle outside the store. No idea if the bike was his. Jake was a salesman who would go out and sell parts for repair and accessories to their customers. Al apparently had a knack for fixing things. (This info is from my Mom, Jake's daughter. I am, by the way, named after Jake.)"
source: Email from Jake Ackermann dated February 2022

Coran & Dennis store - American Jewish World - 1920-9-30

The ads below show some of the types of electrical appliances that were for sale in the Coran & Dennis store in the 1920s. Note that the ad for Coran & Dennis above mentions the appliance brands that are shown in the ads below.

1920 magazine ad - hi res

hi res

hi res

The proprietors of the Coran & Dennis store were Alexander Ralph Coran (1890-1962) and Jacob Harry Dennis (1889-1968). The parents of Alex were Lena Freda Bicovitch and Abraham Abbe Akir Coran. Jacob was married to Alex's sister, Ann Henrietta Coran (1894-1927). Alex and his siblings and parents are listed in the two-generation descendents chart below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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