Aubert Yaucher Coran - Chemicals Scientist
A Notable Jewish Professional from the Greater Duluth-Superior Region

Aubert Yaucher Coran (1932-2020) was a son of Edith Smith and Jack Jay Coran and a grandson of Lena Freda Bicovitch and Abraham Abbe Akir Coran. Their webpages are in the password protected area of the website. Lena and Abraham had immigrated from Lithuania and they both died in Duluth. Aubert was the father of Rabbi Sigma Faye Coran.

Aubert was an American scientist in the chemicals industry noted for his contributions to the development of rubber. He worked for the Monsanto Company and received three awards from the American Chemical Society.

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Aubert received science award from Monsanto in Akron, Ohio in 1983.

source: Cleveland Plain Dealer Jan 27, 1983 - - full page

source: St Louis Jewish Light

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