Duluth Auto Wrecking - Eveleth and Duluth

Eveleth Auto Wrecking was a forerunner of Duluth Auto Wrecking. It was started by Ralph Munic before 1929 and later operated by Ralph and three of his four sons, Milton, Robert and Raymond. In 1945 he moved his family to Duluth and bought a gas station at 12th Avenue East and Fourth Street. More about Ralph and his businesses can be found in the Jewish Federation News article provided below.

Jewish Fellowship News - 1985

Jewish Fellowship News - October 1980

Ralph Harry Munic (1891-1997) started and owned Duluth Auto Wrecking. Ralph was married to Minnie Press (1895-1952) who was a daughter of Anne Chaichen and Ben Press. Family tree data for Ralph and his kids are shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

5910 Freemont Duluth - source: Google Maps

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