Duluth Bedding Company - Duluth

Duluth Bedding Company was located in Duluth at 409 Lake Avenue South. The business was originally inaugurated by Charles Chaim Lavick (1863-1921) and by 1911 his sons Henry George Lavick (1891-1968) and Maurice Fred Lavick (1899-1972). More information on Duluth Bedding is included in the 1911 advertisement and the 1911 news article below.

August 14, 1911

August 14, 1911 - - full article

Charles Chaim Lavick (1863-1921) was a son of Mary Sarah Polinski and Issac Lavick. He was one of five children, four of whom passed away in St Louis County. Charles was married to Rose Levant Lavick (1885-1921) and they had seven children, including sons Henry George Lavick (1891-1968) and Maurice Fred Lavick (1899-1972) who were born in Duluth. A two-generation descendents list for Rose and Charles is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Obituaries for Charles and Henry are shown below.



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