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Northern Minnesota (Eveleth) Jews - Recollections


Most of the Northland Jews came from the Wilkomir (now called Ukmerge) - Kaunas / Kovno area of Lithuania. Alot of them left from the Port in Hamburg Germany and came to the Port of New York.

From there alot of them moved to West Superior, Wisconsin living in boarding houses. Many were peddlers, tailors, had scrap metal yards, or owned clothing stores there.

In about 1895 they purchased a building for the first Synagogue there and moved it to the corner of Hammond and North 6th. It then was rebuilt in later years.

Two members of our family, father Henry Bloom and son Emanuel Bloom were Rabbi's there and we think our great, great-great grandpa Harris "Harry" Mark who was married to Syrel "Shirley" Karon Mark also was one. Emanuel Bloom then went on to be a Rabbi in Atlanta Georgia.

Many of our relatives went to the services including Max & Esther Osherman family, Karons, Mark family, The Bloom family: including Henry and wife Tobie (Tova), children Bessie, David, Samuel, Emanuel, Jacob, Manna, Hyman, Rose (Nathanson) and (Esther Osherman).

The Woolfans also attended including father William Woolfan, son Eli S. and wife Bessie, children: Belle Woolfan (Siegel), Faye Woolfan (Nides), Emmanuel Woolfan, and Nymes Woolfan.

The Siegel family arrived in Superior in about 1891 from Wilkomir including mother Anna (Mark) Siegel and husband Harry, children Samuel, Louis, John, Michael, sister Nellie (Lindeke) Siegel and Joe Siegel, who was born in Superior in 1894.

In 1900 they moved up to the Eveleth area with alot of the other families to Virginia, Hibbing, Gilbert and Eveleth.

The Eveleth Synagogue Agudas Achim was purchased about 1901 and was originally a small church and was moved to the corner of Adams Ave. and Jackson Street.

Many families attended services there including The Kaners, Levants, Greenbergs, Littmans, Goldbergs, Rapaports, Cannons, The Munics, the Sam Press family, Sagen families, all the Brights, Henry Lipman family, Doc. Halter, the Masinters: (4 brothers), the Laskin family & the Jake Stein family.

The Rabbi was Mandel Cohn for years and the last Rabbi was Dave Turchik. The Synagogue had a rec. area and dining area with a kitchen all downstairs, and meals were served after the services and cards were played there & meetings.

When the Synagogue closed, the Torah's were given to a Synagogue in Minneapolis area, including all the benches. There also was a house behind the Synagogue for people who came up, or for the Rabbi's to stay in. There were about 25 to 30 Jewish families total who attended. The Synagogue sadly was torn down, and families attended services in Virginia, MN, until it closed, then Duluth. In 1907 The Hibbing Synagogue was built.

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