Historical Jewish Population of Eveleth
Eveleth and Missabe Mountain, Minnesota
This document lists Jewish families that lived in Eveleth, Minnesota during the period 1900-1940.
Sources include census records found on ancestry.com, newspaper articles found on genealogybank.com, Created by Karen Alpert Entous
and correspondence with family members. Eveleth is a relatively small town in the iron range Distributed for peer review in September 2012.
and it offers an insight into the families that settled there and their activities. Submitted for this site in November 2012
Missabe Mt. Eveleth
Name Birth Immigration Married Birthplace 1900 Census 1905 Census 1910 Census 1920 Census 1930 Census 1940 Census Occupation / notes
Morris Bright 1882 1905 1906 Kiev Russia   xGilbert x x retail store, dry goods store
Lena Levine Bright 1883 1897 1906 Kiev Russia   xGilbert x x  
Joseph Joe Bright 1898 Minnesota   xGilbert x  
Mabel Bright 1886 Minnesota   xGilbert  
Leo Bright obit. 1913? 1905-1999 Minnesota   xGilbert x  
Roy Bright 1903   Minnesota     xGilbert x      
Meyer Bright 1909       xGilbert x x    
Solomon Bublick           Jewish Congress  
Rabbi or Cantor Cohen              
Ralph Cohn 1882   Lithuania         x watchman in a public building  
Bessie Cohn 1883 Russia     x  
Eddie Cohn 1914 Minnesota     x  
Philip Cohn 1917 Minnesota     x  
Dora Cohn 1873 1893 Russia   xGilbert  
Abe Cohn 1896 New York   xGilbert  
May Cohn 1902   Minnesota     xGilbert      
B. Craine - most likely Benjamin Heshel Craine           photographer  
Jacob Daniels 1892 1911              
Mary Ellis 1852 1907   Russia     xVirginia        
Harry Ellis 1888 1903   Russia     xVirginia x xMilwaukee   B'nai B'rith  
Jennie Ellis 1890 1907 Russia   xVirginia x  
Celia Ellis 1890 wife to Harry Lithuania   x xMilwaukee  
George Ellis 1916 Minnesota   x xMilwaukee  
Leah Ellis 1918 Minnesota   x xMilwaukee  
Sidney Ellis 1921 Minnesota     xMilwaukee  
Helen Ellis 1924   Minnesota       xMilwaukee      
Sam Ellis 1879 1898   Lithuania     xGilbert x xMilwaukee   department store Ellis Bros. - American Jewish Relief - Agudath Achim Congregation  
Rachael Ellis 1881 1898   Russia     xGilbert x xMilwaukee      
Lillian Ellis 1906   Pennsylvania     xGilbert x      
Rosalie Rosalind Ellis 1908   Pennsylvania     xGilbert x xMilwaukee      
Shelby Ellis 1917 Minnesota   xGilbert x xMilwaukee  
Myron Edwin Ellis 1919 Minnesota   x xMilwaukee  
Mary? Minnie Feldman 1899 or 1900 x x    
Hannah Feldman 1902   x    
Bettie Feldman 1903   x    
Esther Feldman 1893   Illinois            
Polley Feldman              
Morris Feldman 1872   Russia x x x x xMinneapolis xEveleth, LA Clothing merchant - Aagudath Achim Congregation  
Sarah Feldman 1874   Russia x x x x xMinneapolis xEveleth, LA note: LA = Los Angeles  
Abe Feldman 1892   Russia x x x     lawyer  
Sadie Feldman 1899 Minnesota   x x xMinneapolis  
Manny Feldman 1912 Minnesota   x x xEveleth, LA  
Anna Feldman 1902 Minnesota   x x  
Bessie Feldman 1904 Minnesota   x x  
Ruth Feldman 1908 Minnesota   x x xMinneapolis  
Mildred Feldman 1912   Minnesota     x xMinneapolis      
Louis Finn 1866 1876 1895 Russia x       clerk  
Ida Finn 1873 1888 1895 Russia-Poland x   widow x        
Hattie Goldie Finn Drobman 9-29-1896   Ashland, WS x   x        
Leopold Lee S. Finn 1898   Michigan x          
Max Goldberg     B'nai Br'rith Lodge
Abraham Abe Goldberg 1883 or 1886 1906 Lithuania   x x x Golden Rule drygoods store - Agudath Achim Congregation - Jewish Congress
Anna Perlman Goldberg 1886 Latvia     x x  
Bernice Goldberg 1916 Minnesota     x  
Margie Goldberg 1920 Minnesota     x x  
Jacob Gordon   Russia     xGilbert      
Francis Fanny Gordon   Russia     xMt. Iron xGilbert      
Sarah Gordon 1897   Minnesota     xMt. Iron        
Bessie Gordon 1903   Minnesota     xMt. Iron xGilbert      
Harriet Gordon 1905   Minnesota     xMt. Iron xGilbert      
Sam Greenberg 1872 1896 1899 Russia x   clothing merchant
Max Greenberg 1873 1910 1897 Russian/Polish   x xRabbit Lake   Clothing merchant
Nellie Levant Greenberg 1883 1910 1890 Russian/Polish   x xRabbit Lake   xliving w Morris x  
Morris Harry Greenberg 1899-1980 Wisconsin x x xRabbit Lake   x  
Rhena Greenberg 1910 Minnesota     x  
Malcolm Greenberg 1929   Minnesota         x    
Barbara Greenberg 1933   Minnesota         x    
Janet Greenberg 1938           x    
Nellie Greenberg Casmir 1879 1891 1899 Russia x x     x      
William Kaner 1867 1900     x x x x x manager butcher shop - Agudath Achim Congregation - son of Shalom Shepsa Kaner  
Nellie Kaner 1866 1900 Russia   x x x x  
Sara Kaner 1870 1900 Russia   x x x x  
Israel B. 1886 1900 Russia   x    
Benny Kaner 1888 1900 Russia   x    
Maurice Morris Kaner 1889 1900 Russia   x x    
Sarah Kaner 1896 1900   Russia   x x        
Joseph H. Kaner 1896-1899 1900   Lithuania   x x x x x butcher  
Fanny Kaner 1900 1900   Russia   x x x   stenographer  
Sophya Regina Goldstein Kaner 1909-2000   Minnesota       x x    
Marga Lee Kaner 1931           x    
Marlene R. Kaner 1937     x  
Ruby Reuben Kaner 1902 Massachusetts ?   x x x delivery boy; wife was Lillian Kaner; son of Karen and Harvey Kaner
Oscar Kaner 1905 Minnesota   x x x wife was Sylvia Kaner
Eva Kaner 1907 Minnesota   x x x  
Joseph Karlinsky 1889 1907     x brother to Nathan
Nathan Karlinsky 1875 1895         x   drygoods store - B'nai B'rith Lodge  
Mary Karlinsky 1878 1896         x      
Walter Karlinsky 1903         x   Michigan  
Abe Karlinsky 1904         x   Michigan  
Elie Karlinsky 1910         x   Minnesota  
Sheldon Karlinsky 1913     x Minnesota
Harry A. Levant 1890-1966 1890 Wisconsin x x   x x insurance, real estate agent - brother to Nellie Greenberg & Samuel Levant - City Assessor - Agudath Achim Congregation - Jewish Congress - B'nai Brith Lodge - Lions' Club
Sarah H. Levant 1894 Wisconsin     x x  
Edward S. Levant 1929 Minnesota     x x  
Samuel Levant 1855-1914 1890 1873 Russia Jew Superior x x x x x Agudath Achim Congregation - merchant
Rose Polinsky Levant 1860   1873 Russia Jew Superior x x x x      
Abraham Abe Levant 1879-1952   Russia Superior x x x x x fireman, Virginia, jailed - clerk, iron mine, merchant, house theif  
Esther Levant 1889 1891   Minnesota   x   x x x    
Eddie Lavant 1882-1922   Superior       murdered, Brainerd  
Charlie Levant 1887   Wisconsin Superior x x xDuluth xChicago xMilwaukee fireman, auto salesman  
Sarah L. Levant 1889 Minnesota   xDuluth xChicago  
Besley Levant 1913 Minnesota   xDuluth xChicago  
Shanah Levant 1915 Minnesota   xDuluth xChicago  
Andrew Levant 1888   x   day laborer
Harry A. Levant 1891-1966 Wisconsin   x x   real estate
Morris Levant 1893   x x x x x   peddler  
Henry Levant 1888   Wisconsin Superior x x x x   real estate, ins. Agent  
Matle Mattie Matt Levant 1896-1974   Superior x x x x   time keeper Oliver mining  
Doris Polinsky 1915         xcousin   cousin living with Morris  
Sarah Levin Siegel   Russia x          
Isaac Marks 1859 July 1882 Kiev Russia x   jewelry merchant
George Mesberg 1892-1921 1886 x x x x Village commissioner - hardware store - Councilman - Agudath Achim Congregation
Clara Mesberg 1888 Wis-Kiev, Russia x x x x xMilwaukee xMilwaukee  
Jean Mesberg 1918 Minnesota      
Bernard Mesberg 1906 Minnesota x x x x xMilwaukee xMilwaukee  
Harold Mesberg 1908   Minnesota       xMilwaukee xMilwaukee    
Morris Samuel Nathanson 1870 1888   Russia   x x x   Commercial Peddler  
Jennie Hannah Roe Nathanson 1875 1884   Poland   x x x xSt. Paul      
Myrtle Nathanson 1900   Minnesota   x x x      
Irving Nathanson 1903   Minnesota   x x x xSt. Paul      
Harold Nathaniel Nathanson 1907 Minnesota   x x xSt. Paul married Jane Frances Ohlman in Harrison, WV Sept. 18, 1950
J. H. Nicholson ?      
Gabriel H. Perlman 1875 1891 Germany   x x x merchant - Jewish Congress - Jewish War Association
Hattie Perlman 1880 1901 Russia   x x x  
Elias Perlman 1905 Minnesota   x x x  
Raymond Perlman 1907   Minnesota     x x x      
Meyers Perlman 1910   Minnesota     x x x      
Phyllis Perlman 1912   Minnesota     x x      
Serva Shandling 1852 1900   Lithuania       x   mother-in-law Perlman  
R. S. Pincus              
Ben M. Pippman      
Frank Rabinowitz 1867 1884 Luckvie, Russia   x   liquor dealer, saloon keeper - Agudath Achim Congregation - Society for Jewish Relief Drive
Rose Rabinowitz 1870 1900 Russia   x x  
Pauline Rabinowitz 1891 Illinois   x   teacher, nurse - war worker - Govt. services in Chicago
Esther Rabinowitz 1892 Illinois   x   charity work - married Abe Feldman
Harry Rabinowitz 1894       x     law school - B'nai Brith Lodge  
Sarah G. Rabinowitz 1898       x x      
Morris (Morse) Rabinowitz 1899       x   bookkeeper  
Marcus H. Rabinowitz 1901       x   medical school  
M. Reet       x x      
Abraham Abe Rubenstein 1881-1921 1902 Russia   x xGilbert Cantor in Eveleth
Tilly Kaplan Rubenstein 1881 Poland   x xGilbert  
Joe Rubenstein 1902-1977 New York   x xGilbert  
Max Rubenstein 1904-1969   x xGilbert  
Harry Rubenstein   x xGilbert  
Aharon Eliayu ben Avraham Pinchas 1907-1973              
Edna Rubenstein 1910       x xGilbert      
Sadie Rubenstein 1913       xGilbert      
Max Kaplan 1873 1909       x     brother-in-law  
Lazarus Rubenstein 1865-1916 1882 1898 Russia Austria x       saloon keeper - Village trustee of Sparta - b: Dec 1865 Russia Austria Botdko, Kovno Russia d.12/16/1916  
Sara Sarah Sax Rubenstein Sep. 1873 1889 Russia Austria x xGilbert xChicago  
Gertrude Rubenstein 1900 Sparta, MN x xGilbert  
Ethel Rubenstein 1906   xGilbert xChicago  
Pauline Rubenstein 1909   xGilbert xChicago  
George Rubenstein 1912   xGilbert xChicago  
Louis Rubenstein 1902   Minnesota   x     xChicago      
Harry Rubenstein 1904   Minnesota   x     xChicago      
Samuel Rubinstein May 1880 1897   Russia Austria x       brother to Lazarus - box tender  
Soloman Sax Oct. 1866 1882 1903 Tauroggen Russia x   x   saloon keeper - U.S. Passport 1900 - alderman -Sister to Rubenstein  
Milton Sax 1911       x      
Simon Sax 1908   x  
Nathan Sax or Jonathan 1914   x  
Rose Gudell Sax 1885 1903   x  
Dora Gudell 1852   x  
Max Shapiro 1846-1920 1880 Austria x x x   clothing merchant
Viana Shapiro 1858 1896 1880 Austria x x x        
Rosie Shapiro twins Mar. 1883   x x          
Sara Shapiro twins Mar. 1883   x x          
Mary Minnie Shapiro 1884   x x x        
Florence Shapiro 1897   x x x        
Myer Shapiro 1899-1908     b: Sep. 1899 d. 5/1/1908
Maney Emanuel Z. Shapiro 1885 1880   x    
Isador Shandeling     Agudath Achim Congregation
Louis Shuirman 1872 1892 Russia-Austria x   Clothing Merchant
Joe Siegel Seigel 1897     ticket agent st. car station
Samuel Sam Siegel or Seigal 1877-1957 1890 1893   Lithuania     x x x x salesman furniture store, hardware store  
Belle A. Woolfan Siegel 1886-1887   Minnesota     x x x x    
Howard W. Siegel 1910   Minnesota     x x x    
William Dale Siegel 1921   Minnesota         x    
Bernice Janet Siegel Wank 1905-1992   Minnesota     x x xSan Francisco      
Howard Woolfan Siegel 1909-1993 Minnesota   x x  
Anna Siegel 1862-1934 Russia xSuperior xGilbert xDuluth xDuluth 1901 Superior directory indicates moving to Eveleth.
Harry Jacob Siegel 1860 Russia xSuperior   married in 1878
Samuel Jacob Siegel 1877-1957 Russia xSuperior    
Mike Mich Siegel 1882-1939 Russia xSuperior xDuluth  
Nellie Siegel Lindeke 1883-1967   Russia xSuperior     xDuluth      
John Siegel 1884-1974   Russia xSuperior   xDuluth      
Louis Siegel 1886-1933   Russia xSuperior   xDuluth      
Joseph Siegel 1894-1950   Russia xSuperior   xDuluth      
Henry J. Sigel 1868-9     Michigan   x       Michigan/Germany  
Hulda M. Sigel 1872      
Mildred M. Sigel 1897      
Clinton H. Sigel 1904      
Laverne H. Sigel 1902      
Pearl Siegel Walt      
Henry Herman Chaim Siegel 1877 1899   Russia   x          
Fanny Milavetz Siegel 1881-1966 1897   Russia   x       mother: Weinberg  
Isadore Siegel 1901   New York   x          
Anna Siegel Marans 1906-1995   Wisconsin   x          
Clarence Siegel 1912-1978   Minnesota            
John Siegel 1913 Minnesota      
Ruth Walt 1917 Minnesota   x granddaughter
David D. Simon 1875   xSt. Paul xSt. Paul Clothier, merchant
Sarah Simon 1880      
Robert Simon      
Blair Simon 1908   Minnesota            
Siffra L. Simon 1915              
Abe H. Sosnosky           Agudath Achim Congregation  
Rabbi E. Sosnovsky           stepchildren Stein  
S. Stein           Agudath Achim Congregation  
Nathan Stein 1872     salesman, clothing store 1910
Mary Stein 1872      
Louis Stein 1893      
Edna Stein 1894      
Jacob Stein 1894 1899 x   retail liquor store
Lena Stein 1897   x          
Sara F. Stein Jun. 1876 1899              
Samuel Stein              
Celia Stein              
Abraham Stein              
Rabbi Israel Henry Winer 1881-1935 1901   x x occupation rabbi. schochet, moehl and a hebrew teacher.
Celia Milavitz Winer 1881 1901   x x married Rabbi Israel Hanry Winer in 1900
Louis Harry Winer 1903   x x  
Julius E.Winer 1913   x x  
H. Weiner (?)     B'nai Brith Lodge
J. Weiner (?)              
Frank Weyenberg 1860 1902       x   Agudath Achim Congregation  
Murrie Weyenberg 1870       x      
Dave Weyenberg 1892       x      
Sarah Weyenberg 1895       x      
Harry Weyenberg 1898   x  
Jake Weyenberg 1908   x  
Samuel Cone 1875   x  
Missabe Mt. Eveleth
Name Birth Immigration Married Birthplace 1900 Census 1905 Census 1910 Census 1920 Census 1930 Census 1940 Census Occupation / notes
Jewish Congress
B'nai Brith
1909 Brith Abraham Lodge
Monitor hall
Presiden: Sam Siegel
Vice-President: Charles Levant
Recording Secretary: Harry Levant
Financial Secretary: Morris Stein
Treasusrer: Jacob Stein
Outside Guard: Frank Weyenberg
Trustee: Sam White
Trustee: Morris Feldman
Trustee: Abe Rubenstin
Agudath Achim Congregation 1910 Members
location: Jackson street
President: Frank Rabinowitz
Vice President: Samuel Levant
Secretary: Harry Levant
Treasurer: Isador Shandeling
Trustee: A. H. Sosnosky
Trustee: Frank Weynberg
Trustee W. Kaner
Trustee: A. Rubenstein
Agudath Achim Congregation 1911 Members
President: Sam Siegel
Vice President: Morris Levant
Secretary: S. Ellis
Treasurer: S. Stein
Trustee: George Mesberg
Trustee: M. Feldman
Trustee: Solomon Sax
Samuel Levant
American Jewish Relief Society
Chairman: Sam Ellis
Secretary: Harry Levant
Treasurer: Sam Siegel
Members of Company F 1916
Minnesota Third regiment
80 members from Eveleth, MN
Jewish Delegates 1917
Zionist societ: Solomon Bublick
synagogue: Abe Goldberg
Jewish War: G. H. Perlman
B'nai B'rith: Harry Levant
Lion's Club
Harry Levant
Boys Study and Recreation Club 1913
Bernard Silberstein
1921-1-12 Pauline Rabinowitz
1905 cemetery proposal S. Sax
Salvation Army
Charity Association
Elks Club
Farmer's Day
Zeta Beta Tau
university of Mich. Mn.
Old Settler's Society
Retail Merchants
Eveleth Commercial Club
Names submitted by Jack Abramson re: family tree maker:
Harriet Gordon Slovut 1905
Gertrude Jelde Kenner 1909
Howard Woolfan Siegel 1909
Robert Louis Segal 1911
John Sanford Siegel 1912
Julius Haskel Winer 1913
Nathan Segal 1916
William Dale Siegel 1921
Milton Munic 1922
Robert Munic 1929
Names mentioned in a newspaper article referring to them as pioneers of Eveleth:
Max Shapiro
Frank Rabinowitz
Harry Rabinowitz
Morris Nathanson
Solomon Sax
Matt Horwitz
Joe Levine
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Garon - Kaner/Karon/Canner - Horwitz - Lieberman/Kremen Hertz - Fritchell - Tatkin - Pasternack/Poster
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