Feldman's Department Store - Hibbing

Feldman's Department Store was located in Hibbing at 405 East Howard Street. It was owned and operated by William Ralph Feldman (1887-1984) and his two sons Herman Feldman (1925-2010) and Hershel James Feldman (1929-2005).

Feldman's Department Store - Star Tribune, September 25, 2005, p. F8
Source: http://hibbing.yolasite.com/downtown.php

Feldman's Department Store can be seen from across the street in this photo. - - Source: http://hibbing.yolasite.com/downtown.php

Feldman's - 1925-1994

The Avalon Hotel was upstairs of Feldman's Department Store

Feldman's later became Bender's Shoe as shown on this 2012 photo - - Source: Google Maps

Family tree data from the Feldman family are shown below. Also shown are obituaries for Herman and for Hershel.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Herman Feldman (1925-2010)

Hershel James Feldman (1929-2005)

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