Gingold Umbrellas - Duluth (later St Paul)

Gingold Umbrella Manufacturer was located at 125 East Superior Street in 1909. It was still located on Superior Street when it went out of business in 1920.

The Gingold business was owned by "A. Gingold" according to a 1920 ad in the Duluth newspaper. Two children of David Gingold had the initial A. Annabelle Gingold was born in 1905 and Archie in 1908; both rathar young. Later there was a Gingold Umbrella and Pipe Shop in St Paul with Archie Gingold as the owner according to the 1922 and 1923 Minneapolis city directories. According to an article in the 1922 American Jewish World, Archie and his wife lived in St Paul. The news articles with this info are shown below.

The Gingold family tree as constructed from public sources is shown at the bottom of the page. Archie Gingold graduated from St Thomas Law School. He began his legal practice in 1933, was married in 1945 and became a judge in 1954. Archie passed away in 2006. See his obituary and a longer tribute.

The Archie Gingold who lived in St Paul in 1922 and had the St Paul Umbrella and Pipe Shop has to be a different Archie who was a judge and who died in 2006.

With all the info in hand, we still are not sure who owned the Gingold business. An help from our readers would be appreciated.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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