Globe Furniture House - Superior

Globe Furniture House was located at 518-520 Tower Avenue in Superior. Roy Edelstein was the proprietor. Roy was also involved with Edelstein Furniture Company at 1521-1523 Tower Avenue in Superior. (See Edelstein Family Tree.)

The articles and ads shown below were published as indicated.

Globe Furniture House - 1905

Roy Edelstein - 1908-7-26

Globe Furniture - 1909

Globe Furniture House - 1913-5-18

Globe Furniture House - 1913

Roy Edelstein was a candidate for Councilman in Superior in 1912.


Roy L Edelstein (1878-1931) was a son of Ida Weinberg and David Edelstein. Roy and his siblings are shown in the descendents list below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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