Hallock's Clothiers - Hibbing

Hallock's Clothiers (originally Chas Hallock) was located at 210 Howard Street (and earlier at 618 Third Avenue) in Hibbing. It was originated by Charles Hallock (1875-1960) and later operated as a partnership with his sons Kopple Hallock (1906-1993) and Lester Hallock (1909-1979). According to grandson Bob Hallock, "I believe the original store name was Charles (or Chas) Hallock, but at some point it became known as Hallock's Clothiers. It operated between 1900 and 1980."

The following article from "Jack's Journal" provides a more extensive history of the Hallock businesses.

source: Jack's Journal - undated - - - - (what is Jack's Journal?) - - - original image

The following images are courtesy of Bob Hallock.

Chas Hallock store - circa 1915 (full picture shown below) ................................................... store ad from 1933

street view of Hallocks Store

Hallocks Clothiers - 210 - interior 1955

Hallocks Clothiers - 212 Howard St - interior

newspaper ad - date unknown

Kopple Hallock sitting at desk with Charles picture in the background

Kopple Hallock on ladder outside Hallock's Clothiers during a prade in 1953

left above: a younger Kopple leaning on man in front of Chas Hallock store
right above: Kopple outside store in July 1955

Charles and Lester

Charles on the left and original cash register on the right
According to Bob Hallock, this is "the original cash register that I think my grandfather, Charles Hallock,
bought in about 1906. It's now in my home. - hi res

Hallock's store in 1978 - hi res

Hallocks street view - hi res

Hallocks Clothiers billboard - date unknown

Chas Hallock store in Hibbing (third store from the left) - Circa 1915 - hi res

Hallock's Clothier - looking on Howard St

Chas Hallock Store is the fourth from the left - circa 1915

The proprietors of the Hallock clothing store were Charles Hallock (1875-1960) and his sons Kopple Hallock (1906-1993) and Lester Hallock (1909-1979). Two generation tree data for Charles, Kopple and Lester and their siblings and spouses are shown below.

source: Bob Hallock

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