Jeronimus Floral - Duluth

Jeronimus Floral was located at 11 East Superior Street in downtown Duluth. It was owned and operated by Elsie and Paul Freimuth. Paul was a grandson of Pauline Sattler and Ignatz Freimuth.

street view of Jeronimus Floral in 1963 before remodeling - - hi res

street view of Jeronimus Floral after remodeling - - hi res

source: Steve Freimuth, son of Elsie and Paul, 2016

top: Paul Freimuth - 1934 Duluth Central HS yearbook
bottom: Elsie Freimuth - 2013

1952 Duluth Central HS yearbook

1952 & 1953 Duluth East HS yearbook

1954 & 1955 Duluth East HS yearbook

1956 Duluth Central HS yearbook

1956 Duluth East HS yearbook

1957 Duluth Central HS yearbook

1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964 Duluth East HS yearbooks

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