L. Karon Iron & Metal Company - Duluth

L. Karon Iron & Metal Company was located in Duluth at 18th Avenue West and Railroad Street. The business was established in 1888 by Louis Esia Labe Karon (1862-1927). In 1904 his son Benjamin Sidney Karon (1891-1967) became identified with the business and in 1911 he was taken in as a partner.

August 17, 1916

The three ads above were all on the same page of a 1918 newspaper.
The first is for L Karon Iron & Metal in Duluth.
The next two are for competitor Jewish businesses, Northwestern Iron & Metal Company and West End Scrap Iron & Metal Company.

Family tree data for Louis Esia Labe Karon (1862-1927) and his son Benjamin Sidney Karon (1891-1967) are shown in the descendents list below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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