Kassmir Turkish Baths - Duluth

There were several Turkish Bath parlors and health related clinics that were associated with the Kassmir family in Duluth. An early location perhaps operated by MZ Kassmir was in the McKay Hotel. According to Roisin Laskin, wife of Gary who was a grandson of Syl Laskin, "It does appear that when MZ Kassmir left for Pittsburgh, PA in about 1907-1908 with their daughter (Opera singer - Sophia Kassmir), the bath location was soon owned/managed by Samuel Kerness who had worked for MZ for years. He changed the name to Central Turkish Baths."

More information on the Kassmir baths is provided in the news clippings below.

source: Duluth Directory Company - ad - 1909

Duluth Herald ad - 1911

source: Duluth News Tribune - January 25, 1911

American Jewish World - Holiday Greetings - 1917

December 25, 1919

Kassmir listing from the 1925 Duluth Directory

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

More information on the Kassmir family can be found in the password protected area of the website at:
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Two of the Kassmir descendents are pictured below.

Sophie Kassmir Wexler, daughter of Marcus Z Kassmir, opera singer - 1914 - more about Sophie: click here

source: Duluth Central High School yearbook - 1922

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