Keystone Loan - Duluth

Keystone Loan and Mercantile Company was located in Superior at first and later in Duluth. It was incorporated in 1897 by Aaron Siegel, Elias Siegel and J. H. Gosnel and later Jacob D. Siegel was the proprietor.

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American Jewish World - - September 30, 1921

Obituary for J. D. Siegel -June 3, 1922

Aaron Siegel, Elias Siegel and Jacob David Siegel were brothers, the sons of Esther and Shabtai Sabse Chaim Siegel. Family tree data for this Siegel family is shown in the two-generations descendents lists for Shabtai and for Jacob shown below. Another brother, Matthew Siegel, operated Matt Siegel & Bro in Fargo.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

According the the obituary info on Aaron Siegel shown below, Aaron and his brother Elias were the co-founders of the Siegel Brothers stores in Superior.

Aaron Siegel - 1865-1951

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