Kofereth Israel Congregation - Duluth

Kofereth Israel Congregation purchased a building and remodeled it for their synagogue in 1899. It was located at 59 East Fifth Street in Duluth. A 1899 news article about the congregation is transcribed below and shown in full below that.

Duluth News-Tribune - - 1899-11-12

New Hebrew Synagogue.

Kofereth Congregation Buys Building for Place of Worship.

The Kofereth Israel congregation has purchased the easterly half of lot 59. East Fifth street. The society is remodeling the building on the premises into a synagogue, and it will be provided with all the necessary equipments for Hebrew worship, according to all the forms of this ancient religion. It will be the first church of the kind in the city. The Hebrews, who constitute a considerable portion of the population of Duluth are congratulating themselves on having obtained a permanent church home.

The society has been regularly incorporated under the laws of the state of Minnesota. The officers are as follows: President, Jacob Levine; secretary and treasurer, Joseph Oreckovsky; trustees, Henry Caplov, Joseph Oreckovsky, William Goldstein and Isedra (Isadore?) Lieberman. The society has a membership of 100 all active.

source: Duluth News-Tribune - - 12 November 1899

Additional News Articles about or mentioning Kofereth Israel are presented below.

source: Duluth News-Tribune - - 13 December 1911

source: Duluth News-Tribune - - 19 January 1916 - - full article

source: Duluth News-Tribune - - 10 January 1920
Note: The A Horwitz mentioned above was my grandfather, Abraham Horwitz (1880-1926).
Abraham died in 1926 after leaving the hospital too soon after surgery.
He left against the doctor's orders in order to conduct some synagogue business.
Abraham was only 46 years old and left three teenagers behind.
My mother was the oldest at 14, and her plan to go to college died with her father.
She often told us that she had never forgiven her father for dying so early.
She never hesitated to tell it like she saw it.

Yankel L Levine (1859-1911) was the president of Kofereth Israel Synagogue for twenty years, from 1891 to 1911, according to his 1911 obituary shown above on this page. Yankel was married to Rifka Polinsky (1860-1927) and they had seven children. All of their children were probably born in Duluth and all of them died there. Two-geneation family-tree data for Rifka and Yankel are shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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