Krenzen - Duluth
Honda, Lincoln, Nissan Dealership

Krenzen is a Honda, Lincoln and Nissan dealership located in Duluth at 2500 Mall Drive. Jack Krenzen (1930-2021) acquired the business in 1971 and renamed it to be Krenzen Cadillac Pontiac. The business was expanded over the years and became Krenzen Auto Mall. The company is now run by Jack's sons Howie Krenzen and Louie Krenzen.

Krenzen auto dealershop - September 2019 - source: Google Maps

About Krenzen from their website at in 2022 - - website info from 2016

Jack was married in 1952 to Marilyn Shirley Langfus Krenzen (1933-2007). Their obituaries provide info on the business and are shown below.

Jack Krenzen (1930-2021) obituary in part - - full obit

Karilyn Krenzen (1933-2007)

Marilyn and Jack had three sons. A two-generation descendents list for then is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

source: Krenzen website at from 2016 and 2022

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