N L Summerfield - Duluth

N L Summerfield - The Modern General Merchant was located in Duluth on West Superior Street. Information on the Summerfield family can be found here. Links to old newspaper articles which reference the Summerfield family can be found here.

The store was located "at the corner of 19th Ave and W Superior Street" according to a 1897 news article (see below). According to a 1898 ad, "Being in business for eleven years here, and having just moved into our handsome New Clothing room, corner 20th Avenue W and Superior St ..." (see below). Apparently, the location in the middle of the block in the pictures below was the earlier location.

courtesy of Bill Raymond - hi res

courtesy of Bill Raymond - hi res

Sumerfield, NL 1897-11-12 - full page

Summerfield, NL DNT 1898-05-01 - full page

More on the location from the Duluth City Directories

Little Falls Herald - 1903

Contemporary Dulutlh - Superior Street and 20th Avenue West - looking toward the south and west - hi res

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