Irene Levine Paull
Writer and Labor/Political Activist
A Notable Jewish Professional from the Greater Duluth-Superior Region

Irene Levine Paull (1908-1981) was a writer and labor and political activist. She responded to discrimination by fighting for the rights of people who were oppressed. She was active in labor organizing, Communist politics, and women's rights.

Irene was born in Duluth to Eva Zlatkovsky and Maurice Levine. Her branch of the family tree is shown further down the page. More information about her family is included in the password protected area of this website on a page for her great, great grandparents of the Levine family.

A summary of information about Irene is shown in the Wikipedia clipping below. There is more on the full Wikipedia page at

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Irene's branch of the Levine family tree is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

High School yearbook pictures of Irene and her husband Henry Polinsky Paull from the 1925 and 1918
Duluth Central High School yearbooks, respectively, are shown below.

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