Sam Hoffman - Duluth
Shoe Repair and Gents' Furnishings

Sam Hoffman was a shoe repair and gents' furnishing store in Duluth. It was located at 421 East Fourth Street. It was owned and operated by Samuel Hoffman (1887-1956). There was a fire in the store in 1916, according to the advertisement and news article below.

Sam had lived in Duluth at the time, but later moved to Ironwood and then Milwaukee.

September 19, 1916 advertisement

August 27, 1916 news article

List of shoemakers from the Duluth Directory

Ironwood Daily Globe, Saturday, March 10, 1956

Samuel Sam Hoffman (1887-1956) was a son of Roche Beyle Gordon Geykhman (1854-1926) and Zelik Osher Geykhman (1838-19??) and a grandson of Itsik Geykhman. Sam was the fifth of eight children. A two generation descendents list for Sam's parents is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Sam was married in 1911 to Mamie Coran Hoffman (1888-1956) and they had three children, born between 1912 to 1920. A two-generation descendents list for Mamie and Sam is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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