Sid's Delicatessen - Duluth

Sid's Delicatessen was a popular deli and restaurant located in Duluth at 1830 East 8th Street. It was owned and operated by Sylvia Laskawitz Fink (1910-1999) and Sidney Fink (1906-1991). They retired in 1978 after 22 years as owners. An advertisement for the deli and Sylvia's obituary are shown below.

an undated advertisement later reprinted in the Jewish fellowship News in 1996

obituary for Sylvia Laskawitz Fink (1910-1999)

Sylvia Laskawitz Fink (1910-1999) was a daughter of Ida Kernes and Joseph Laskowitz. She was the last of their six children; the oldest three were born in Russia, the youngest three in Duluth. A two-generation descendents list for Ida and Joseph is shown below.

Sylvia and Sidney did not have children.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

The building that previously housed Sid's deli is shown above. Source: Google Maps 2019

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