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Tatkin Family Introduction
Extended family names: Tatkin, Serbine, Belinsky, Kogen, Lovick, Levinson, Bonk, Shephard and more


This Website
A portion of Nanci and Allan Garon's website is devoted to our relatives from the Tatkin branch. Nanci is a fourth generation descendent of Abraham Tatkin (1858-1918) and Eva Rubinstein (1865-1931). Their descendents are documented in a family tree included on this website. The tree provides links to pages for individuals with information and photos. The complete family tree and the pages for each person are in the password-protection portion of this website.
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Family Tree
Family Tree data have been gathered from many sources, and the tree continues to grow as more data are found. The Tatkin name came to be relatively recently when the family migrated from Russia a little more than 100 years ago. According to Lowell Tatkin, "I remember my grandfather Oscar telling me that the name was originally 'Tatko' but was changed to Tatkin when they arrived." But Lowell also said that "Allen Tatkin told me many years later that the story his father had said about the Tatkin name was not true, but I donít know why my grandfather would have lied to me about it."
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Old Family Portraits
The website is a perfect place to share and preserve old (and new) family portraits. Many have already been gathered and displayed on this site. An index page shows picture thumbnails in chronological order with links to the full size portraits. Please consider sending your old (and new) family photos to Allan Garon so they can be shared on the website.
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Nanci's Tatkin Ancestors
Three generations of Nanci's Tatkin ancestors are listed as follows:

................... 4 - Abraham Tatkin b:1856 d:1918
.......................... 5 - Nathan Tatkin b:1886 d:1936
................................. 6 - Adell Tatkin (Hertz) b:1911 in St. Paul, MN d:1980 in San Diego, CA

Photos of Nanci's Tatkin Ancestors are displayed below.

Adell Tatkin Hertz (1911-1980)

Photos are undated

Nathan Tatkin (1886-1936)

Photo is undated


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