West Duluth Furniture Company- Duluth

West Duluth Furniture Company was located in Duluth at 310 North Central Avenue. S. Lavick was listed as the manager. Two advertisements from 1917 are shown below.

December 2, 1917 advertisement

1917 advertisement

There are two men named Samuel Lavick in Jack's Family Tree Database who could have been the manager of West Duluth Furniture. Samuel Bee Lavick (1880-1948) and Samuel F Lavick (1887-1960) were both grandsons of Mary Sarah Polinsky and Issac Lavick.

Samuel Bee Lavick (1880-1948) was a son of Benjamin Lavick (1847-1929) and was married to Millie Ethyl Levine Lavick (1881-1957).

Samuel F Lavick (1887-1960) was a son of Charles Chaim Lavick (1863-1921) and was married to Nellie Mark Lavick (1887-1949).

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