Max Wilk
Playwright, Screenwriter and Author
A Notable Jewish Professional from the Greater Duluth-Superior Region

Max Wilk (1920-2011) was born in New York, the son of Eva Rose Zalk and Jacob Wilk. His mother was born in Duluth. Max was married to Barbara and they had three children, David, Richard and Mary. More information about Max and his ancestors is available on the webpage for his parents Eva Rose Zalk and Jacob Wilk in the password protected area of this website.

Max was a playwright, film and TV screenwriter and author. He wrote 19 fiction and nonfiction books, four films and many plays, TV shows and magazine articles.

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Obituary Note: Max Wilk (Shelf Awareness)

Max Wilk, who wrote 19 books and was a playwright, film and TV writer and music impresario, died February 19 at his home in Westport, Conn. He was 90.

Wilk's books included They're Playing Our Song: Conversations With America's Classic Songwriters, Schmucks with Underwoods: Conversations with America's Classic Screenwriters, The Golden Age of Television: Notes from the Survivors, OK!: The Story of Oklahoma! and The Wit and Wisdom of Hollywood. Many of his novels were comedies set in suburbia. He also wrote the novelization of the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine.

During World War II, Wilk served in the Army Air Force Motion Picture Unit, whose captain was Ronald Reagan.

One of Wilk's children is David Wilk, who has been in the book business many years and is now head of Booktrix and Creative Management Partners.

source: Shelf Awareness for Tuesday, March 1, 2011

source: Find a Grave Memorials

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