Zien (ML) Clothing and Shoes - Duluth
and other Zien businesses

According to the 1921 and 1925 Duluth Directory, there were several businesses owned by the Zien family, Morris Zien and Isadore Zien. In 1921 Duluth directory, Isadore Zien has a clothing store at 534 W. Superior Street and Morris L. Zien has a clothing store at 505 W. Superior and a drygoods store at 101 W. First Avenue. In 1925 Duluth directory Isadore Zien still has his clothing store at 534 W. Superior. Morris L. Zien then operated a cafe (lunch) at 506 W. Superior. Cropped images from the two directories are shown below.

A photo of the Clothing and Shoes store at 505 W. Superior Street is shown below. The man standing in front of the store could be Morris Zien. There is a lunch cafe next door that could be Morris's cafe at 506 W. Superior Street.

A zoom image of the man in front of the store and an image of Morris cropped from a family picture on his page are shown together below. Same guy?

A picture of the Zien's Grill is shown on the index page and here to the right. Zien's Grill must have come much later since this photo came from a set taken along Superior Street in 1963. Click here to see the hi resolution photo.

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