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Garrett and his younger adopted brothers Coco and Cappy are purebred parti standard poodles who live with us. They have many friends and cousins with webpages. This site provides social networking opportunities for Garrett and Coco and Cappy and their Friends and Cousins and links to their pages.

Garrett's Friends
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Garrett's friends are the dogs he socializes with at McDonald Park, dogs who join us for "Breakfast with the Dogs," dogs he sees in and around Tucson, dogs he has met on our travels and a few friendly cats too.

Garrett's Cousins
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Garrett's "cousins" are dogs and cats who are "related" by way of the extended family tree of their two-legged companions. Garrett's cousins live with our cousins all across the country.

In Memoriam
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In memory of Garrett's friends and cousins who have passed away but are still alive in our special memories.

Fun Stuff
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Dedicated to all the fun stuff associated with Garrett and his friends and with dog and cats and animals in general.


Garrett and his Family


Our Full House


Garrett Garon
Mar 8, 2004 / Dec 16, 2007
died Nov 10, 2018

Harley Garon
Jun 28, 2007 / Sep 2010
died Sept 11, 2017

Tazz Garon
Jan 25, 2009 / Jan 16, 2011

Coco Garon
Sep 19, 2011 / May 18, 2012
rehomed Dec 29, 2016

Cappy Garon
Sep 19, 2011 / Feb 25, 2013
first day at home



Garrett & Coco

Garrett & Cappy

Coco & Cappy - how they differ

Garrett & Coco & Cappy

Harley & Tazz

Aging in Place - Getting a pet can improve aging in place
National Council for Aging Care - Guide on Pets for Seniors


Some of Garrett's friends and cousins are pictured in the face matrix below.
See more pictures with names on the Picture Index Pages for Garrett's Friends and Garrett's Cousins and In Memoriam and Fun Stuff


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