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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 3000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Jews of Eveleth.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Jews of Eveleth

1893-4-5 Eveleth, Minnesota - -
1893 Stripping Contracts. Two Taken By Capt. Stevens-New Town of Eveleth. - - Adams Mining company's property 31 59 17 40 acres, new town of Eveleth.

1894-10-18 railroad Eveleth - - 1894 Virginia: Another Road For Eveleth. Iron Junction to Eveleth, 10 miles of railway.

1899-3-12 Nellie LaVant and David Casmir - - 1899 Nellie LaVant and David Casmir wed. Nellie is eldest child of the Samuel and Rose Lavant. She had seven younger brothers. The Lavant family was one of the earlier settlers. 1890 and 1891. First in Superior, Wisconsin and then Eveleth, Minnesota.

1900-8-27 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, Samuel Rubenstein - - 1900 from Eveleth in the city, well known business men

1900-10-9 Eveleth, Sol Sax explosion - - 1900 Eveleth: Still A Mystery. Explosion of Pwder Magazine At Eveleth. Sol Sax One of the Victims Declares That no Lives Were Lost-Missing Man Turns Up-Schools Shut Down Owing to Lack of Windows-Rifle Ball May Have Caused the Accident.

1902-4-12 Buhl, Chas. Henry Greenblatt, Mose Mark - - Buhl, Wm. Kitz, Chas and Henry Greenblatt, Moses Mark-Virginia

1902-11-7 Eveleth, Albert H. Polinsky and Sarah Shapiro wed - - 1902 Eveleth, Albert H. Polinsky and Sarah Shapiro wed. Pretty Wedding In Synagogue, first event of kind in New Adas Israel Congregation edifice. Alpert H. Polinsky marries Eveleth girl. Ceremony one of most largely ever attended in Duluth. Banquet follows, with I.Tenonsky Master of Ceremonies and Julius Abrahamson Toastmaster. Sadie and Eva Polinsky, Samuel Weinberger, Mildred Mendal, Florence Shapiro, Rabbi Epstein, I. Zenansky, Julius Abrahamson, Judge W. L. Windom, Zenansky, Governor Van Sant, Congressman Goldfogel, gues: Mr. and Mrs. J. Greenburg, Mendal, Shiram, Ruboff, J. P. McCann, Sherbocov, Mental, L. Polinsky, M. Sabel, Lena Marshoek, Lena Romain.
Pretty Wedding In Synagaogue, First Even of Kind in Adas Israel Congregation Edifice. Albert H. Polinsky Marries Eveleth Girl. Ceremony One of Most Largely Ever Attended In Duluth. Banquet Follows, With DI. Tenonsky Master of Ceremonies and Julius Abrahamson Toastmaster. Sadie and Eva Polinsky, Samuel Weinberger, Mildred Mendal, Florence Shapiro, Rabbi Eppstein, Julius Abrahamson, Judge W. L. Windom, Zenansky, Governor Van Sant, Congressman Goldfogel, J. Greenburg, Shiram, Ruboff, J. P. McCann, Sherbocov, Mental, L. Polinsky, M. Sabel, Lena Marshoek, Lena Romain.

1902-11-9 Sarah Shapiro, Albert Polinsky wedding, Eveleth

1903-11-25 Solomon Sax and Rose Gudell wed. - - 1903 Trip To Europe Follows Wedding. Eveleth Man and Mora Young Woman Are Married in Duluth. Solomon Sax and Rose Gudell wed. Rev. S. Snitzer, Tiferesh Israel congregation, Freda Gudell, Samuel Epstein, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Gudell.

1904-2-2 Eveleth Shanedling-Perlman wedding

1904-2-2 Eveleth Harriet Shanedling Gabriel Perlman - - 1904 Wedding At Eveleth Big Social Event. Miss Harriet Shanedling Becomes Bride of Gabriel Perlman. Mr. and Mrs. F. Shanedling of Eveleth, Gabriel Perlman, prominent clothier at Vail hall in Eveleth. - - Guests from Eveleth: Jeanette Shanedling, maid of honor; Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Shapiro, Clara and Lillian Shapiro; Samuel Leo and Carl Shapiro; Mr. and Mrs. F. Rabinowitz, son and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. M. Feldman and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. D. Simon and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. D. Elias and son; Mr. and Mrs. Milavetz, Celia Milavetz; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gordon, Mr. and Mrs.Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Hipple, P. E. Dowling, Mrrs. Josephine Sibbit, Samuel Dorpin, Morris Rabinowitz, Joe Rabinowitz, Joe Miller, J. Simon, Mr. and Mrs. Max Shapiro, Jake and John Siegel; Mr. Levant, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Schtein, Nathan Schtein; Samuel Rubenstein, Tom Sharp, George Mesberg, Harry Shenedling, Isadore Shanedling, Isadore Duff. Virginia: Mr. and Mrs.Joe Roman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mesberg, Lillian and Mary Mesberg; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Milavetz, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Milavetz, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Milavetz, Mr. and Mrs.Julius Shanedling and daughters, H. and M. Shanedling, Mrs. N. Nathanson, Mrs. L. Cohen and daughter; Anthony and Frank Shipley, L. Peterson, Mrs. Hoistein, Mr. Rubloff, Ben Gordon. Milwaukee, Wis.: Misses Ida and Clara Blonde. Sparta, Minn.: Mrs. L. Shurman. Minneapolis: Mr. and Mrs. Meyers, parents of Mr. and Mrs. J. Shanedling. Buhl: B. M. Lipman, Mr. and Mrs. Abramson. La Crosse, Wis.: A. W. Jacobs. St. Paul: H. Rudanskey.

1904-2-28 Eveleth, Samuel Dorfman and Yetta Milavetz wed

1904-9-2 Mr. and Mrs. S. Sax, personals - - 1904 Eveleth: Personals, Mr. and Mrs. S. Sax

1905-1-8 Eveleth, Leo Stone YMCA football team, photo

1905-1-21 Sparta, Alderman Rubenstein and Gertrude Rubenstein - - 1905 Sparta In Brief. Alderman Rubenstein and daughter Gertrude were Eveleth visitors yesterday.

1905-6-8 Eveleth, Oddfellows, David Simon

1905-7-2 Eveleth, George Mesberg, wife and baby

1905-7-15 Eveleth, Max Greenberg, Henry Shanedling - - 1905 Eveleth: Max Greenberg arrested, Henry Shanedling.

1905-9-1 Eveleth, Minnesota - - 1905 Eveleth: Eveleth, Home Of The Fayal, Greatest Iron Ore Producer In World, Enjoys Business Activity Unexcelled By Any Northern Minnesota Town. - National bank established in 1903. One of the officers of the bank, cashier Leo Shapiro. - The text indicates that Eveleth was moved by the mining company Fayal in order to capture more ore.

1905-9-1 Sparta Mr. and Mrs. Lazarus Rubenstein, photo - - 1905 Mr. and Mrs. Max Shapiro, of Eveleth, have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shurman or Dorr avenue.

1905-9-4 Isadore Dorf - - Misappropiation Of Funds Charged, Isadore Dorf, Eveleth, arrested

1905-10-27 Sparta, Sam Rubenstein and Ethel Seave - - 1905 Sparta: Sam Rubenstein and Ethel Seave, Eveleth, Jewish church.

1905-11-15 Eveleth, Hebrew Funds collected for Russians , Solomon Sax, Morris Nathanson - - 1905 Eveleth: Hebrews On Range Will Collect Funds. Solomon Sax and Morris Nathanson.

1905-11-17 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, alderman, cemetery - - 1905 Eveleth: Sax Declares Eveleth Can Build Cemetery. Alderman Solomon Sax. -- Note: A secular cemetery is established about five or six years later in Eveleth. It has significant historical value because there was a resistence to having one. The Jewish population buried their dead in Virginia or Duluth. Eveleth was five miles away from Virginia. If I remember correctly, the cemetery there wasn't established until much later, so Duluth was used. In Marilyn's chapter, she didn't know why one wasn't established earlier. The newspaper aritcle at least indicates that Solomon Sax wanted one and was willing to help establish one for the community as eary as 1905.

1905-11-19 Eveleth, Russian Jews, Solomon Sax, Morris Nathanson - - 1905 $85 Eveleth and Sparta: Is Raised For Russian Jews. Solomon Sax, Morris Nathanson.

1905-11-30 Eveleth David Simon

1905-12-1 Eveleth, John Siegel, Woodmen

1905-12-7 Eveleth- Mrs. Solim Milavitz obit. - - 1905 Mrs. Solem Milavetz obit. . Sarah Hellman Milavetz

1905-12-7 Eveleth, Mrs. Milavetz - - 1905 Mrs. Solem Milavetz death

1905-12-7 Mrs. S. Milavetz - - 1905-12-7 Family At Funeral Of Mrs. S. Milawitz from Eveleth

1905-12-31 Soloman Sax, Nashwauk real estate - - 1905 Eveleth and Nashwauk: Speaks Of Prospects In Towns On Range. Solomon Sax, business prospects. Comerical clubs encouraged.

1906-3-23 Eveleth, Max Shapiro value of lot

1906-3-23 Eveleth- Max Shapiro - - 1906 Eveleth: High Price For Lot In Eveleth. Max Shapiro Refuses Offer of $300 Per Front Foot-Will Erect Building.

1906-5-9 Sparta, Lazarus Rubenstein - - 1906 Sparta: Lazarus Rubenstein business in Eveleth.

1906-11-25 Eveleth, Perlman - - 1906 Eveleth: Boy Watch Thieves Confess And Go Free. One of the Timepieces Is Received and Two Are Paid For-Salon Row Causes Arrests. H. G. Perlman.

1907-2-17 Biwabik,Frank Rabinowitz - - 1907 Biwabik: Frank Rabinowitz, from Eveleth, buys a saloon in Sparta.

1907-4-5 Eveleth, Mannie Weyenberg, Max Greenberg - - 1907 Eveleth: Prefers Charges Against Attorney. City Attorney of Eveleth Is Accused of Acting for Both Sides. Mannie Weyenberg, slander against his relative Mrs. Max Greenberg.

1907-4-6 Eveleth, Max Greenberg, Mannie Weyenberg, slander - - 1907 Says Prince Had A Fit Of Anger. Eveleth Attorney Replies to Alleged Attack Upon Him by Municipal Judge. Mrs. Max Greenberg, a nephew, against a relative Mannie Weyenberg

1907-4-28 Eveleth, Frank Rabinowitz, building - - 1907 Eveleth: Frank Rabinowitz, new building at Grant avenue and Pierce street.

1907-5-12 Eveleth, Simon Gudell obit. - - 1907 Eveleth: Simon Gudell, Father Of Mrs. Sol Sax, Dead. obit

1907-9-29 Eveleth, Stein, Greenberg, Prince - - 1907 Eveleth: Says Political Enemies Are Active. Morris Entien vs. Max Greenberg, Nellie Greenburg. Max Shtien.

1908-1-22 Hattie Shapiro and Nathan Ripstein wed, Rabbi J. R. Aronsohn,Sommerfield, Rogalsky - - 1908 Hattie Shapiro and Nathan Ripstein wed, Rabbi J. R. Aronsohn-St. Paul, B. J. Sommerfield-Cloquet, Max Rogalsky-Eveleth, Shapira-Ripstein, Nathan Ripstein of Winnipeg, David Ripstein.

1908-2-7 Eveleth, Leo Shapiro, auditor

1908-3-10 Eveleth, Jewish Benvolent and Fraternal Order - - 1908 Eveleth: Jewish Lodge O.B.A. To Be Institued At Eveleth. Jewish Benevolent and Fraternal Order, O.B.A. , Jackson street, S. Sax, H. G. Perlman, Sam Siegel, Jacob Stein, insurance.

1908-4-4 Eveleth, Sax, Mouser, Mt. Iron mine - - 1908 Eveleth: Sax and Mouser Head New Mining Company, near Mountain Iron.

1908-4-9 Eveleth, A. E. Perlman, clothing - - 1908 Eveleth: Young Man Jailed; Forgery Alleged. Bernard Springer Arrested at Eveleth Accused of Passing a Bogus Check. A. E. Perlman's store.

1908-4-25 Eveleth, John Siegel, election

1908-5-2 Eveleth, William Shapiro obit. 8 years old - - 1908 Eveleth: Son of Max Shapiro Dies Of Pneumonia. 8 years old, son of Max Shapiro

1908-5-3 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, photo, Secretary of Men's Association - - 1908 Eveleth: Well Known Range Men No. 6. Solomon Sax, Seretary of the Eveleth Business Men's Association.

1908-5-3 B'nai Abraham - - 1908 Eveleth: Fifty Will Be Taken Into B'nai Of Abraham.

1908-5-9 Nashwauk, Solomon Sax, hotel, saloon - - 1908 Nashwauk: Building Business Blocks At Nashwauk. Alderman Solomon Sax of Eveleth, saloon and a hotel. Louis Shuirman, merchant.

1908-6-4 Eveleth, Pauline Rabinowitz, high school grad. - - 1908 Eveleth High Commencement. Class of Eight Graduates Will Receive Their Diplomas June 18. Pauline Rabinowitz.

1908-6-19 Eveleth, Pauline Rabinowtiz, hs - - 1908 8 Graduate From The Eveleth High. Commencement Exercises at the School Auditorium Are Well Attended. Pauline Rabinowitz.

1908-6-21 Eveleth, Gilbert, Perlman and Smith fight - - 1908 Socialism Starts A Hot Scrap At Eveleth. Mr. Perlman of Gilbert and F. J. Smith.

1908-6-22 Eveleth, Rabbi A. Weiner

1908-6-22 Eveleth, Rabbi A. Weiner, - - 1908 Threatens Rabbi With A Big Knife. Man Enters Weiner Residence With Desire to Kill-Thought To Be From Mt. Iron. Eveleth, Rabbi A. Weiner.

1908-7-9 Eveleth, Brith Abraham, Sax, Siegel, Levant, - - 1908 Eveleth: Brith Abraham. Will Install Officers. Solomon Sax, Sam Siegel, Charles Levant, Abe Levant.

1909-1-2 Brith Abraham-Eveleth - - 1909 Brith Abraham Election, Eveleth, Sam Siegel, Charles Levant, Harry Levant, Morris Stein, Jacob Stein, Frank Weyenberg, Sam White, Morris Feldman, Abe Rubenstein.

1909-1-22 Eveleth. H. G. Perlman 5th wed. anniversary - - 1909 Eveleth: Observe Wedding Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Perlman. Mrs. Samuel Siegel, Mrs. Morris Nathanson, Mrs. H. Levenson.

1909-1-29 Eveleth, Morris Stein, Nellie Greenberg, case dismissed - - 1909 Eveleth: Case Of Three Years' Standing Is Dismissed. Morris Stein vs. Judge Vivian Prince and Nellie Greenberg.

1909-4-1 Eveleth, Morris Stein, Mr. and Mrs. Max Greenberg - - 1909 Prince Loses His Suit For Damages. Jury After Long Deliberation Decides There Is Nothing Coming to Him. Morris Stein, Max Greenberg of Sparta stabbed him, Mrs. Max Greenberg robbed him ath his clothing store. Sept. 14, 1907. Bad blood between Grenberg family and Stein.

1909-5-27 Eveleth, Esther Rabinowitz, photo, graduation

1909-5-27 Eveleth, Esther Rabinowitz, photo, graduation - -
1909 All The News Of The Ranges. Graduation Class of Eveleth High School. Esther Rabinowitz.

1910-1-23 Eveleth, Harry Rabinowitz, play - - 1910 Eveleth Seniors Plan Class Play. Will Put On Two Performances of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Next Month. Myrtle Nathanson, Harry Rabinowitz.

1910-1-23 Eveleth, Harry Rabinowitz, Ethel Wilk, Myrtle Nathanson play - - 1910 Myrtle Nathanson, H. Rabinowitz, Ethel Wilk, Myrtle Nathanson

1910 2-8 Biwabik, Gilbert merchant, Jacob Weiner and Mary Balavan wed - - 1910 Biwabik: Gilbert Merchant Weds. Jacob Weiner and Mary Balavan-Chicago, Max Cohen, Rabbi Rubenstein-Eveleth

1910-2-20 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, son born - - 1910 Eveleth: Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Sax, son born.

1910-6-5 M. L. Wilk, Eveleth

1910-7-13 Brith Abraham Eveleth - - 1910 Eveleth Brith Abraham Selects New Officers. Brith Abraham, Morris Nathanson, Robert Martel, Jacob Stein, D. Edelstein.

1910-7-16 Simon Kaner, Eveleth

1910-10-24 Robert Simon and Edith Goldstein eng. - - 1910 Eveleth: Robert Simon and Edith Goldstein engagement.

1910-10-25 Eveleth, Jewish church election, Rabinowitz, Levant, Shandeling

1910-10-25 Eveleth, Jewish church election, Rabinowitz, Levant, Shandeling - - 1910 Eveleth: Eveleth Jewish Church Hold Annual Eelction. Jackson street, Frank Rabinowitz, Sauel Levant, Harry Levant, Isador Shandeling, A. H. Sosnosky, Frank Weynberg, W. Kaner, A. Rubenstein.

1911-3-8 Eveleth, Cantor Abram Rubenstein - - 1911 Cantor Leaving City; Friends Make Presnet. Eveleth: Abram Rubenstein, Frank Rabinowitz, Solomon Sax.

1911-6-8 Eveleth, Sadie Feldman, Sara Rabinowitz, Florence Shapiro, Matt Levant hs grad. - - 1911 Eveleth: Has Long List Of Graduates. More Students Finish Course in the Eveleth Schools Than in Any Former Year. Program Arranged For Commencement. Event Takes Place June 15-Dean James of the U. of M. to Make Address. Sadie Feldman, Matt Levant, Sara Rabinowitz, Florence Shapiro.

1911-8-30 Eveleth, Harry Rabinowitz, law school, University of Michigan - - 1911 Eveleth Young People Soon Off To College. Harry Rabinowitz, Law School of the University of Michigan.

1911-10-11 Eveleth, Siegel, Levant, Ellis, Stein, Mesberg, Feldman, Solomon Sax

1911-10-11 Eveleth, Sam Siegel, M. Levant, S. Ellis, S. Stein, George Mesberg, M. Feldman, Solomon Sax,synagogue - - 1911 Eveleth: Jews Elect Officers. Sam Siegel, M. Levant, S. Ellis, S. Stein, George Mesberg, M. Feldman, Solomon Sax.

1912-2-8 Eveleth, Samule Levant - - 1912 Will Look For Market Site. Eveleth Council Appoints a Committee to Arrange for Location-Build New Sewers. Samuel Levant.

1912-3-3 Eveleth, Sara Rabinowitz, concert - - 1912 School Concert And Operetta At Eveleth. Sara Rabinowitz, piano medley.

1912-3-4 Eveleth, Nathanson Bros. H. Perlman - - 1912 Eveleth Business Changes. Nathanson Brothers move clothing store Virginia. Ellis Brothers, clothiers, up-to-date deparatment store.

1912-4-29 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, vegetable and flower garden - - 1912 Eveleth: Garden Embellishes Eveleth Business Block. Solomon Sax, Miners National bank, Grant Ave.

1912-7-28 Eveleth, Sam Ellis, Ellis Bros. dept. store - - 1912 Eveleth: Sam Ellis, Ellis Bros., department store, purchasing merchandise back east.

1912-9-2 Eveleth, Anna Perlman Abraham Goldberg wedding - - 1912 Eveleth: Perlman-Goldberg, Mr. and Mrs. G. Perlman, Anna Perlman to Abraham Goldberg, owns Golden Rule store. Anna Perlman is a sister to H. G. Perlman.

1912-10-13 Eveleth, Wm. Kaner - -

1912-10-13 Eveleth, Jewish synagogue - - 1912 Eveleth: Jewish Congregation At Eveleth Banquets. Sam Ellis, Wm. Kaner, Abe Goldman, Geo. Perlman, Solomon Sax, Isadore Shanedling, Frank Weinberg.

1912-10-13 Eveleth, Jewish Congregation, Ellis, Sax, Kaner, Weinberg, Sax, Perlman, Shanedling - - 1912 Eveleth: Jewish Congregation At Eveleth Banquets. Jewish synagogue, Sam Ellis, Wm. Kaner, Abe Goldman, George Perlman, Solomon Sax, Isadore Shanedling, Frnak Weinberg.

1912-12-3 Eveleth, Frank Rabinowitz, saloon

1912-12-3 Eveleth, Frank Rabinowitz, saloon - - 1912 Eveleth Pastor After Saloons. Frank Rabinowitz Arrested on Charge of Keeping Resort Open on Sunday.

1913-1-19 Eveleth, Sara Rabinowitz, Crescent Literary Society - - 1913 Eveleth "Lit" Society To Give Classy Program. The Crescent Literary society, Sara Rubinowitz.

1913-2-10 cemetery railroad - - 1913 Range Cars May Be Chartered For Funeral. Gilbert and Eveleth have never had cemeteries

1913-5-4 Eveleth, Effa Ellis, teacher - - 1913 Eveleth School Faculty Named. Majority of the Present Teachers Will Serve Again Next Season. Etta Ellis, teacher.

1913-6-1 Eveleth, Esther Rabinowitz, play - - 1913 School Actors In Light Comedy. Eveleth Alumni Association Presents "The Private Secretary" Before a Large Audience. Maurice Levant, Esther Rabinowitz

1913-12-5 Eveleth, George Mesberg, visit to Duluth

1913-12-7 Eveleth,photo, George Mesberg, Councilman

1914-2-21 Eveleth, Samuel Levant obit. - - 1914 Samuel Levant Dies At Eveleth. Known Fur Dealer Leves Seven Sons and One Daughter. Funeral Tomorrow. obit

1914-8-23 Eveleth, Frank Rabinowitz, Eagles - - 1914 Eagles Plan Year Ahead For Meet. Eveleth Members of Order Making Ready for June Convention. Frank Rabinowitz, treasurer.

1914-9-2 Eveleth, Mesberg, tax

1914-9-25 Eveleth, Mesberg, recall

1914-10-7 Eveleth, B'nai Brith, Solomon Sax - - 1914 B'nai Brith Plans Aid For Refugees. Jews, Fleeing From War-Torn Countries of Europe, May Be Brought to U.S., Covenant lodge No. 569.Dr. Maurice Lefkovits, A. B. Kapplin, C. D. Oreckowsky, Solomon Sax.

1914-11-1 Eveleth, Bney Achim, officers elected - - 1914 Eveleth: Eveleth Synagogue Officers Elected. Bney Achim. H. Perlman, H. Siegel, A. Goldberg, Isadore Shanedling, Solomon Sax, Frank Rabinowitz, Frank Weinberg.

1914-11-14 Eveleth, George Mesberg, market

1914-11-15 Eveleth, Esther Rabinowitz, Associated Charities - - 1914 Eveleth Charity Body Prepares To Help The Needy. Associated Charities, Esther Rabinowitz.

1914-11-30 Eveleth, Solomon Sax Jewish relief - - 1914 Eveleth: Jews Of Eveleth Gather Funds For War Zone Brethren. Solomon Sax, Isadore Shanedling, $100 pledged. Sam Ellis

1914-12-13 Eveleth, Morris Rabinowitz - - 1914 Eveleth High School Pupils Pick Officers. Morris Rabinowitz, president.

1914-12-23 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, Russia town, family - - 1914 Eveleth: Solomon Sax, parents live in Tauroggen near Russia and Germany. All Physicians In Town Are Drafted For War.

1915-1-3 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, mother's obit. - - 1915 Eveleth: War Causes Death Of Mrs. Sax In Russia. Mother of Soloman Sax of Eveleth Dies at Old Home Nea the Russian Border. obit. widower and one daughter in Russia, Mrs. F. Rabinowitz (daugher)-Eveleth, Max Sax-Chisholm, Lazarus Sax-Chicago, Lazarus Rubenstein-Gilbert.

1915-4-4 Eveleth, Commercial Club,Sam Ellis - - 1915 Nominees For Commercial Club Officers Chosen. Eveleth Civic Organization Will Get New Lease on Life. Plan Campaign. Sam Ellis.

1915-6-2 Eveleth, 4th of July, Sam Ellis - - 1915 Eveleth Plans Big Celebration July 4. Sam Ellis.

1915-6-19 Harry Levant, Sam Ellis, 4th of July - - 1915 Committees Named At Eveleth For July 4. Harry Levant, Sam Ellis.

1915-8-5 Eveleth, Farmer's Market, H. Perlman - - 1915 Eveleth Merchants Plan Farmers' Day. Solomon Sax, H. Perlman.

1915-8-23 Solomon Sax, Skandvila, Russia - - 1915 Eveleth: Birthplace Changed From Russian To German Territory. Sax, Skandvila, Germany.

1915-9-4 Harry Ellis, son born - - Harry Ellis Eveleth, Minn.,son born

1915-9-16 Eveleth, Jewish Relief, Budlick, Siegel, Levant, Ellis, Mesberg, Shanedling, Sax, Perlman, Shapiro - - 1915 Jewish Relief Work Organized At Eveleth. Sol Budlick, Sam Siegel, Harry Levant, Sam Ellis. George Mesberg, Isadore Shanedling, Solomon Sax, H. G. Perlman, and Max Shapiro.

1915-10-11 Agudas Achim, funds - - 1915 Eveleth: Improvements For Agudas Achim Church At Eveleth Planned. Frank E. Rabinowitz, H. Sigel, A. Goldberg, Sam Siegel, Solomon Sax, Frank Weinberg, Jacob Stein, $500 collected.

1915-10-15 Osewa, officers elected - - 1915 Osewa Club to Give "Hard Times" Party. Ida Tisbell Berkson, 613 East First street, Talmud Torah clubroom, Mary Simon, Bessie Simon, Sarah Kaner-Eveleth, Goldie Marks-Ironwood, Mich., Mollie Rosyn-Minneapolis.

1915-10-25 Eveleth, Maurice Greenberg - - 1915 Eveleth: Officers Named By High School Students. Maurice Greenberg.

1915-11-3 Sam Siegel - - 1915 - Heavy vote in Eveleth election - Siegel is not elected for special municipal judge

1915-11-11 Wallace, changed to Sax - - 1915 Wallace: Name Of Wallace To Be Changed to Sax. Solomon Sax of Eveleth.

1915-11-25 Eveleth, Sam Ellis, ice - - 1915 Eveleth, Ice Rinks, Sam Ellis

1915-11-27 Eveleth, Marcus Rabinowitz - - 1915 Eveleth Seniors Lead School With Highest Averages. Marcus Rabinowitz.

1915-12-4 Eveleth, Frank Rabinowitz, Fraternal Order of Eagles - - 1915 Eveleth Eagles Plan To Build Clubhouse. Frank Rabinowitz, treasurer.

1915-12-26 Eveleth, Esther Rabinowitz, secretary of the Associated Charities - - 1915 Judge Moylan Is Santa To Eveleth Children. Associated Charities, Esther Rabinowitz.

1915-12-28 Eveleth, Sarah Rabinowitz, Cotillion at Elks hall - - 1915 Cotillion At Eveleth Social Event Tonight. Sarah Rabinowitz.

1916-1-1 Eveleth, George, Mesberg, reorganization

1916-1-23 Eveleth, Harry Levant, war suffers

1916-1-23 Sam Ellis - - Eveleth Jews Will Aid War Sufferers, Sam Ellis, Harry Levant, Sam Siegel

1916-1-23 Eveleth, Harry Levant, war suffers - - 1916 Eveleth Jews Will Aid War Sufferers. Sam Ellis, Harry Levant, Sam Siegel.

1916-1-23 Eveleth, American Jewish Relief, Ellis, Levant, Siegel - - 1916 Eveleth Jews Will Aid War Sufferers. American Jewish Relief society, Sam Ellis, Harry Levant, Sam Siegel.

1916-1-24 Eveleth, Weyenberg, Greenberg, Feldman, Stein, Siegel - - 1916 Jewish Boys' Relief Club Raises $50 Fund. Isaac Weyenberg, Manie Feldman, Morris Greenberg, Sam Stein, Sam Siegel.

1916-1-28 Eveleth, Jewish Relief, Ellis, Siegel, Levant - - 1916 Virginia: Jewish Relief Fund Exceeds Estimate. Eastern Mesaba Residents Contribute Liberally to Aid European War Suffers.Sam Ellis, Samuel Siegel, Harry Levant, Max Lewis, Sam Milavetz, Julius Shanedling, Morris Shanedling, Ben Milavetz, Sam Lippman, Raeten Latz, M. K. Baer, Ralph Wilk, Nathan Kellar.

1916-1-29 Eveleth, Jewish Relief Fund, Sam Ellis - - 1916 Virginia Relief Fund Totals $1,200. Eastern Mesaba Cities and Towns Contribute Liberlally to War Sufferers. Julius Shanedling, Sam Siegel, Frank Rabinowit, Jacob Stein, Sam Siegel, Sam Ellis, Louis Rubenstein, Louis Siegel, H. A. Levant, G. H. Perlman, George Mesberg, Frank Weinberg, M. Kaner, H. Siegel, J. Winer, Harry White, Joe Learner.

1916-1-30 Eveleth, Rabinowitz - - 1916 Psychopathic Work To Start At Eveleth. Retarded School Children to Be Placed in Separate Classes Under New Plan.

1916-2-21 Eveleth, merchants close on Sunday - - 1918 Popular Jewish Woman, Formerly of City, Dead. Mrs. joseph Perlman, photo, Mrs. J. Berkson, 613 East First street, Sadie Evans Berkson, Mrs. B. D. Bennett, Ida, David, and Abe.

1916-4-8 Eveleth, Bernard Mesberg, Boy Blue

1916-5-25 Eveleth, Jewish Congress, Karlinsky, Rabinowitz, Stein - - 1916 Eveleth Jewish Club Formed; Election Held. Sol Boblick, Frnak Rabinowitz, N. Karlinsky, Jacob Stein.

1916-6-17 Eveleth, Harry Rabinowitz, high school grad. - - 1916 Eveleth Graduates Class Of Fourteen. Harry Rabinowitz

1916-8-27 Eveleth, George Mesberg, appencitis

1916-10-27 Eveleth, Morris Greenberg - - 1916 Eveleth-Virginia To Clash Saturday. Greenberg

1916-11-5 Fanney Kanner, Winter - - Eveleth: high school, Fanny Kanner, Mike Levine

1916-12-5 Eveleth, Harry Levant, reception for Company F

1916-12-5 Eveleth, Harry Levant, reception for Company F - - 1916 Eveleth Plans Big Reception For Boys Of Company F. Harry Levant.

1916-12-17 Gilbert, Lazarus Rubenstein obit. - - 1916 Respected Citizen Of Gilbert, Dead. Lazarus Rubenstein Passed Awy Following Operation for Appendicitis. Eveleth: born in Botdko, Kovno, Russia, Chicago in 1884, London, Wis., lumber and stock business, solamon Sax, brother Samuel Rubenstein, children Gertrude, Louis, Harry, Ethel, Palin (Pauline?) George. brother Samuel of Gilbert and Louis of Chicago, sister Mrs. Jennie Miller of Brooklyn, N.Y.

1916-12-18 Eveleth, Lazarus Rubenstein - - 1916 Eveleth: Rubenstein Funeral Held.Lazarus Rubenstein-Gilbert, funeral in Duluth.

1916-12-24 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, iron ore blast - - 1916 Eveleth: Ore Crashed Through Window. Solomon Sax building on Grant avenue.

1917-4-2 Eveleth, Maurice Greenberg, Marcus Rabinowitz - - 1917 Eveleth: High School Students Search For "Artists". Maurice Greenberg, Marcus Rabinowitz.

1917-4-6 Eveleth, Debate, Morris Greenberg, Marcus Rabinowitz - - 1917 Eveleth High School Students Will Debate On World Peace. Morris Greenberg, Marcus Rabinowitz

1917-4-21 Eveleth, football, photo, Greenberg, Feldman - - 1917 Eveleth: Winners Of The Range 1917 Football Championship. M. Greenberg, M. Feldman, photo.

1917-5-14 Eveleth, Jewish Delegates, Levant

1917-5-14 Eveleth, Jewish Delegates, Levant - - 1917 Eveleth: Jewish Delegates To Duluth. Solomon Bublick, Abe Goldberg, G. H. Perlman, Harry Levant.

1917-5-14 G. H. Perlman - - 1917 Jewish Delegates To Duluth. Eveleth: Solomon Bublick, Abe Goldberg, G H. Perlman, Harry Levant.

1917-10-29 Eveleth, Zionism

1917-10-29 Eveleth, Food - - 1917 Eveleth: Name "Saving" Committee. Mrs. George Mesberg, Mrs. F. Rabinowitz, Mrs. M. Nathanson, Mrs. M. Feldman, Solomon Sax, Sam Ellis, Mrs. Sam Siegel, Mrs. S. Levant.

1917-11-14 Eveleth, Solomon Sax settlement - - 1917 Eveleth: Get Balm For Child's Injury. Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald, Eveleth, Given $1,900 for Injury to Daughter's Eye. Solomon Sax.

1917-11-15 Eveleth, YMCA H. A. Levant, Samuel Ellis, Morris Levant - - 1917 Eveleth: Y.M.C.A. Marcus Rabinovitz, H. A. Levant, Morris Levant.

1917-12-25 Charles Levant - - 917 Charles Levant, children, visit Mrs. Samuel Levant in Eveleth.

1918-1-30 Eveleth, Marcus H. Rabinowitz, photo, discussion contest - - 1918 Marcus H. Rabinowitz, high school honors, photo.

1918-2-22 Eveleth, Young Judea Purim, Fanny & Celia Kaner

1918-2-22 Eveleth, Purim, Kaner, Feldman, Stein, Greenberg, Perlman, Karlinsky, Rabinowitz, Nathanson, Weiner. - - 1918 Eveleth Jews To Celebrate Purim Festival In Play. Young Judaea Menorah Club to Give Benefit Program and Dance Next Tuesday. The Young Judea Monorah club - Rabbi A. M. Pfeffer, Fanny Kaner, Besse Feldman, Celia Stein, Anna Feldman, Morris Greenberg, Nanny Feldman, Abe Stein, Al? Perlman, Abe and Walter Karlinski, Morse Rabinowitz, Marcus Rabinowitz, Samuel Stein, Irving Nathanson, Louis Weiner.

1918-4-27 Eveleth, Morris Greenberg, basketball, photo - - 1918 Eveleth: Range Lad Prove Basketball Skill. Morris Greenberg.

1918-7-6 Eveleth, Sam Ellis - - 1919 Ellis-Lewis Company Formed. Max Lewis, Samuel Ellis, Harry Ellis, Maurice Levant, manufacture drygoods and ready-to-wear clothing at Eveleth. Captial stock, $250,000.

1919-7-17 Eveleth, Lewis, Ellis, Levant - - 1919 Its Farmers' Day Today At Eveleth. Sam Ellis Levant, Solomon Sax.

1919-9-5 Old Settlers, Eveleth, Horwitz

1919-9-5 Eveleth, Old Settlers - - 1919 Evelethians Join Old Settlers' Society. Max Shapiro, Frank Rabinowitz, Harry Rabinowitz, Morris Nathenson, Soloman Sax, Matt Horwitz, Joe Levine

1919-9-19 Sam Ellis - - 1919 It's Farmers' Day Today At Eveleth. Sam Ellis, Harry Levant, Solomon Sax.

1919-11-6 Eveleth, Sam Ellis, jury - - 1919 Jury List, Sam Ellis.

1919-11-15 Eveleth, Home Coming, Sam Ellis - - 1919 Home-Coming Carnival At Eveleth Due Jan. 1-3. returned soldiers, sailors, and marines., Sam Ellis.

1919-12-9 Eveleth, Marcus Rabinowitz, photo, honors. - - 1919 Eveleth: Marcus Rabinowitz, Minnesota Daily News first prize, 709 Pierce street, University of Minnesota., photo.

1920-1-15 Eveleth, Sam Ellis, manager - - 1920 Eveleth, Sam Ellis, manager of the Eveleth Fair store.

1920-2-19 Anna Slomin and Julius Siegel wed, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wiener, Eveleth - - 1920 Miss Anna Slonim and Julius L. Siegel wed. Camels' temple, Rabbi I. Teplitz, Pearl Siegel, Ben Slonim, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wiener-Eveleth, Mr. and Mrs. H. Benesovitz, Irene Marcus, Ethel Benesovitz, Mrs. M. Levitz, Jack Siegel, Mr. and Mrs. Wiener, Mr. and Mrs. C. Marcus.

1920-3-15 Eveleth, Zionism

1920-3-15 Eveleth, Zionism, Nathan Karlinsky - - 1920 Presbyterians At Eveleth Lend Church To Zionists. Nathan Karlinsky, Rev. William Jobush, Rabbi Sugarman, Rabbi Silverman.

1920-3-19 Brainard, H. Perlman, theft hides - - 1921 Eveleth Jews Organize Society for Relief Drive.

1920-4-30 Eveleth, Max Shapiro, obit.

1920-4-30 Eveleth, Max Shapiro, obit. - - 1920 Eveleth: Max Shapiro, obit.

1920-5-12 Eveleth-Max Shapiro estate - - 1920 Duluth Woman Will Have Share In $1000,000 Estate. Mrs. Sarah Polinsky, Max Shapiro of Eveleth's will. Mrs. Wely Shapiro, the widow, Minnie and Florence Shapiro, daughters, Emanuel Z. Shapiro, son.

1920-6-3 Eveleth, Pauline Rabinowitz, Feldman0000 - - 1920 Eveleth: Miss Pauline Rabinowitz, General hospital Denver, sister Mr. and Mrs. A. Feldman, 2120 Vermillion road.

1920-6-24 Eveleth, High School Graduates, photo - - 1920 This Year's Graduates In Eveleth Are 54 Times As Many As In 1902. photo. Bess B. Feldman, Monica Mary Finn, Walter Karlinsky, Louis H. Winer, Irving Roe Nathanson, Abe Stein.

1920-6-24 Eveleth, high school, photo Irving Nathanson - - 1920 This Year's Graduates In Eveleth Are 54 Times As Many As In 1902. photo, Bess B. Feldman, Walter H. Karlinsky, Louie H. Winer, Michael Levine, Irving Roe Nathanson, Abe Stein. Note: These graduates of Eveleth in the year 1920 represent another generation. Their parents were the pioneers of the town. One of the attractions of Eveleth was the school system. The mining industry contributed financially to the building of the schools.

1920-6-24 Eveleth, high school, photo Irving Nathanson, Louis Weiner - - 1920 This Years Graduates In Eveleth Are 54.Louie H. Winer, Michael Levine, Abe Stein, Irving Roe Nathanson. photo.

1920-7-16 Eveleth, Jean Mesberg

1920-8-5 Eveleth, Marcus Rabinowitz, medical school - - 1920 Eveleth: Marcus Rabinowitz, medical school.

1920-11-19 Samuel Milavetz, dies, Mrs. S. Solinski - - 1920 Samuel Milavetz dies, Starts In Day's Work; Sits Down And Expires, 407 John avenue, Ben and Arnold Milavetz, Esther and Sarah Milavetz, Mrs. S. Soloski of Superior, Mrs. R. Weiner and Mrs. A. Siegel of Eveleth.

1921 Eveleth, Pauline Rabinowitz, nurse

1921-1-12 Eveleth, Pauline Rabinowitz, nurse

1921-1-12 Eveleth, Pauline Rabinowitz, nurse - - 1921 Eveleth Nurse Girl Teaches Wounded Veterans to Make Wicker Baskets.

1921-1-18 Eveleth, Abe Karlinsky - - 1921 Eveleth Student to Debate Tax Issue photo. Abe Karlinsky.

1921-2-1 Virginia, Abe Karlinsky-Eveleth, contest - - 1921 Gilbert And Eveleth Students Win Contests. Virginia: Abe Karlinsky-Eveleth.

1921-2-17 Louis Weiner, Gilvert and Eveleth basket ball teams - - 1921 Gilbert and Eveleth basketball team manager.

1921-2-17 Louis Weiner, Gilbert and Eveleth basket ball teams - - 1921 District Championship Contenders. Louis Weiner-manager.

1921-2-27 Eveleth, Louis Weiner, Walter Karlinsky - - 1921 Eveleth and Gilbert: District Championship Contenders, Louis Weiner, Walter Karlinsky photo.

1921-8-1 Eveleth, Retail Merchants, Sam Ellis, Rabinowitz - - 1921 Duluth Man Prompts Formation of Eveleth Credit Association. Sam Ellis, Harry Rabinowitz.

1921-8-5 Eveleth, Harry Rabinowitz, Farmers Day - - 1921 Eveleth To Hold Farmers' Day Products Exhibit. Harry Rabinowitz.

1921-8-5 Eveleth, Agriculture - - Addendum to the news article: 1921-8-5 Eveleth, Harry Rabinowitz, Farmers Day

1921-9-17 Eveleth, Carl Shapiro, Rotary Club

1921-10-8 Eveleth, Herman Wiener, councilman - - 1921 23 Candidates Enter Paddock, Groomed For Run At Eveleth Polls. Herman Wiener.

1921-10-13 Eveleth, George Mesberg, obit

1921-10-14 Mesberg obit. Rabbi Israel Lebendiger - - 1921 Funeral Rites Conducted for Eveleth Businessman. George Mesberg, Rabbi Israel Lebendiger, John Mesberg, Berna, Harold, and Jean Mesberg, James Lavick, Henry Shanedling.

1921-10-21 Eveleth, George Mesberg estate

1921-10-21 Mesberg Estate - - 1921 Mesberg Estate $41,575. George Mesberg, Eveleth, Oct. 12, age 39, widow Clara, daughter Jean, sons Bernard and Harold.

1921-12-2 Eveleth, Jewish Relief, Perlman, Siegel, Ellis, Levant, Rabinowtiz - - 1921 Eveleth Jews Organize Society for Relief Drive. Frank Rabinowitz, Harry Levant, Max Goldberg, Sam Ellis, G. H. Perlman, Sam Siegel, N. Karlinsky.

1921-12-2 Eveleth, Jewish Relief, Perlman, Siegel, Ellis, Levant, Rabinowtiz - - 1916 Eveleth Merchants Close Stores Sunday. The Fair Store, I. Shanedling, G. H. Perlman, Mastiner Bros., Max Shapiro, Goldberg Bros. Morris Shanberg, Eveleth Bazaar.

1922 Eveleth, Walter Karlinsky, Irving Nathanson, Louis Wiener - - 1922 Eveleth: Junior College Prom Center of Festivities. Louis Wiener, Irving Nathanson, Walter Karlinsky

1922-1-3 Eveleth, B'nai Brith, Levant

1922-1-3 Eveleth, B'nai Brith, Levant - - 1922 Eveleth: Eveleth B'nai B'rith Lodge Elects Officers. R. S. Pincus, N. Karlinsky, Harry Rabinowitz, Solomon Sax, J. Weiner, Max Goldberg, Harry Levant, Harry Ellis.

1922-1-3 Eveleth, B'nai Brith, Levant - - 1922 Eveleth B'nai B'rith Lodge Elects Officers. R. S. Pincus, N. Karlinsky, Harry Rabinowitz, Solomon Sax, J. Weiner, Max Goldberg, Harry Levant, Harry Ellis.

1922-1-27 Eveleth, Retail Merchants, Sam Ellis - - 1922 Eveleth: Merchants Defer Meeting. Sam Ellis.

1922-2-3 Eveleth Commercial Club, Sam Ellis - - 1922 Eveleth: New Director Named. Sam Ellis, Eveleth Commercial club.

1922-3-3 Retail Merchants, Ellis - - 1922 Eveleth Retailers Approve Good Fellowship Feasts. Sam Ellis.

1922-3-8 Union of American Hebrew congregations - - 1922 Duluth Takes Part in Revivial for Aid of Jewish Religion. Chisholm, Eveleth, Keller, Hurley, Mankato, Virginia an Winona will be visited by rabbis and laymen from St. Paul and Duluth to promote a revival and development of the Jewish religion. Conducted by the Union of American Hebrew congregations. Rabbi Elvin E. Luchs, Alvin I. Freimuth, Rabbi Jacohb I. Meyerovitz, Jacob Dittenhofer.

1922-3-10 Rabbis and laymen for smaller communities - - 1922 Rabbi Offers Nearby Towns Religious Aid. Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, I. Freimuth, Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Help establish synagogues in Chisholm, Eveleth, Hibbing, Hurley, Mankato, Virginia, and Winona.

1922-3-24 Raymond Perlman from Eveleth - - 1922 Virginia: Fourteen High Speakers Seek Distric Honor, Raymond Perlman from Eveleth.

1922-3-31 Eveleth, Harry Levant

1922-3-31 Eveleth, Harry Levant, mailing route - - 1922 Eveleth Lions Favor New Mail Routing Proposed. Harry Levant.

1922-3-31 Eveleth, Irving Nathanson, Elias Perlman, Abe Karlinsky - - 1922 Eveleth: Club Celebrates Anniversary. Fisk club, Irving Nathanson, toastmaster, Elias Perlman, Abe Karlinsky.

1922-4-28 Eveleth, Ephraim Frier, Hebrew teacher - - 1922 Eveleth: To Instruct Jewish Youth The Talmud Torah of Eveleth engaged Ephraim Frier from Minneapolis to instruct Jewish children in the Hebrew language.

1922-4-28 Information Addendum re Eveleth synagogue - - Addendum with information about the Agudas Achim synagogue in Eveleth

1922-4-28 Eveleth Commercial Club, Sam Ellis - - 1922 Eveleth Will Choose Commerce Club Heads. Sam Ellis.

1922-6-3 J. D. Segal, obit. - - 1922 J. D. Segal, 30 years Duluth Resident, Dies. 620 East Second street. widow, son, Julian H. Segal, daughter Miss Pearl Segal, Mrs. Ben Sher, Mrs. C. Marcus-Superior, Mrs. Herman Weiner-Eveleth.

1922- 6-10 Eveleth, Lion's Club, Harry Levant

1922-7-21 Eveleth, proposed hospital, Levant, Rabinowitz

1922-7-21 Virginia, Eveleth, Samuel L. Cohen, tennis - - 1922 Five More Enter Virginia Playground Tennis Meet., Eveleth, Samuel Cohen.

1922-8-23 Eveleth, Joseph Karlinsky, bankrupt - - 1922 Eveleth, Joseph Karlinsky, bankruptcy.

1922-9-23 Eveleth, Medalie Brothers, Shandeling

1922-10-28 Eveleth, Harry Rabinowitz, Salvation Army appeal - - 1922 Eveleth Meeting Called to Arrange "Sally" Drive. Salvation Army, Harry Rabinowitz. A. G. Stein.

1922-10-29 Eveleth, Harry A. Levant, City Assessor, street numbers

1922-10-29 Eveleth, Harry A. Levant, City Assessor, street numbers - - 1922 Eveleth Plans to Change Street Names to Numbers. City Assessor Harry A. Levant.

1922-11-20 Eveleth, B'nai Brith

1922-11-20 Eveleth, B'nai Brith - - 1922 B'nai Brith, A. B. Kapplin, Samuel Nides-Hibbing, M. K. Baer-Virginia, Harry L. Levant-Eveleth, Dr. L. M. Harris-Superior, Gustavus Loewinger-St. Paul, Rabbi J. I. Meyerowitz-St. Paul, Rabbi Meyerowitz, Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, Segal's orchestra.

1922-12-2 Eveleth, Levant, Rabinowitz, Ellis, Siegel, Karlinsky, Goldberg, Perlman

1922-12-2 Eveleth, Jewish Relief, Levant, Rabinowitz, Ellis, Siegel, Karlinsky, Goldberg, Perlman - - 1922 Eveleth: Eveleth Jews Organize Society for Relief Drive. Frank Rabinowitz, Harry Levant, Max Goldberg, Sam Ellis, G. H. Perlman, Sam Siegel, N. Karlinsky.

1922-12-23 Eveleth, Meyer Perlman - - 1922 Students To Give Play. Eveleth: Rabbi E. F. Freier, Bernice Weiner, Ann Siegel, Rosalyn Ellis, Meyer APerlman, Ruth Feldman, Simon Sax, Gertrude Siegel and Jake Weinberg.

1922-12-23 Eveleth, Student play, Simon Sax - - 1922 Eveleth: Students To Give Play. Talmud Torah, Rabbi E. F. Freier, Bernice Weiner, Ann Siegel, Rosalyn Ellis, Meyer Perlman, Ruth Feldman, Simon Sax, Gertrude Siegel, Jake Weinberg.

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