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A large collection of newspaper articles from about 1860 thru 1940 related to our ancestors and their communities
in Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan is presented on this website. The articles are mostly from the Duluth newspapers. The complete index provides open access to more than 3000 news articles in their original format.

This page provides a list of links to those Old Newspaper Articles that mention or are related to the Jews of Virginia.

A chronological list of links is provided below. The news article images can be viewed by clicking the links. The text in the link provides the date and some information. The images are mostly unedited and in either jpg or pfd format. If you wish to save (download) an article, right click on the image. After viewing and/or saving a photo, click on the back button to return to the index.

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Chronological List of Links to News Articles regarding the Jews of Virginia

1894-10-18 railroad Eveleth - -
1894 Virginia: Another Road For Eveleth. Iron Junction to Eveleth, 10 miles of railway.

1895-12-23 Hebrew Political Club, Solomon Sax - - 1895 Hebrew Political Club. It held its second meeting yesterday and admitted 40 new members. Alderman Solom Sax of Virginia. President W. M. Abrahamson.

1896-8-28 Virginia, Soloman Sax, free silver - - 1896 Virginia: Alderman Solomon Sax, free silver propostion.

1897-8-2 Sparta, Sol Sax - - 1897 Sparta: Sol Sax visitor to Virginia.

1897-9-9 Virginia, West Superior bedding, John Mesberg, mines, bedding

1901-6-1 Virginia, Henry Greenblatt, Buhl, store mgr. buy - - Virginia, Henry Greenblatt, manager of Kitz & Co.-Buhl

1902-4-12 Buhl, Chas. Henry Greenblatt, Mose Mark - - Buhl, Wm. Kitz, Chas and Henry Greenblatt, Moses Mark-Virginia

1903-5-9 Virginia, Herman Nathanson - - 1903 Virginia: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Nathanson returned Saturday from a visit ot the twin cities.

1904-2-2 Eveleth Harriet Shanedling Gabriel Perlman - - 1904 Wedding At Eveleth Big Social Event. Miss Harriet Shanedling Becomes Bride of Gabriel Perlman. Mr. and Mrs. F. Shanedling of Eveleth, Gabriel Perlman, prominent clothier at Vail hall in Eveleth. - - Guests from Eveleth: Jeanette Shanedling, maid of honor; Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Shapiro, Clara and Lillian Shapiro; Samuel Leo and Carl Shapiro; Mr. and Mrs. F. Rabinowitz, son and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. M. Feldman and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. D. Simon and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. D. Elias and son; Mr. and Mrs. Milavetz, Celia Milavetz; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gordon, Mr. and Mrs.Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Hipple, P. E. Dowling, Mrrs. Josephine Sibbit, Samuel Dorpin, Morris Rabinowitz, Joe Rabinowitz, Joe Miller, J. Simon, Mr. and Mrs. Max Shapiro, Jake and John Siegel; Mr. Levant, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Schtein, Nathan Schtein; Samuel Rubenstein, Tom Sharp, George Mesberg, Harry Shenedling, Isadore Shanedling, Isadore Duff. Virginia: Mr. and Mrs.Joe Roman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mesberg, Lillian and Mary Mesberg; Mr. and Mrs. Ben Milavetz, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Milavetz, Mr. and Mrs. Ike Milavetz, Mr. and Mrs.Julius Shanedling and daughters, H. and M. Shanedling, Mrs. N. Nathanson, Mrs. L. Cohen and daughter; Anthony and Frank Shipley, L. Peterson, Mrs. Hoistein, Mr. Rubloff, Ben Gordon. Milwaukee, Wis.: Misses Ida and Clara Blonde. Sparta, Minn.: Mrs. L. Shurman. Minneapolis: Mr. and Mrs. Meyers, parents of Mr. and Mrs. J. Shanedling. Buhl: B. M. Lipman, Mr. and Mrs. Abramson. La Crosse, Wis.: A. W. Jacobs. St. Paul: H. Rudanskey.

1904-12-18 Virginia, Benjamin Lippman, Anne I. Margulis

1904-12-24 Virginia, Mesberg, fire

1905-1-15 Virginia, Benjamin Lipman, Annie Juliet Margulis wed

1905-1-22 Virginia, Benjamin M. Lippman , Margulis wed

1905-1-22 Virginia, Benjamin M. Lippman , Margulis wed - - Miss Anna Margulis will marry Range man Benjamin Lippman

1905-8-31 Virginia, fire, rebuilt town

1905-8-31 Virginia, ag - - Virginia, twice devastated by fire, now a substantially built city of 6000 population - Herman Nathanson is mentioned

1905-10-23 Virginia, John Mesberg, candidate

1905-10-27 Virginia, John Mesberg, William D. Beslow, lawsuit

1905-11-17 Eveleth, Solomon Sax, alderman, cemetery - - 1905 Eveleth: Sax Declares Eveleth Can Build Cemetery. Alderman Solomon Sax. -- Note: A secular cemetery is established about five or six years later in Eveleth. It has significant historical value because there was a resistence to having one. The Jewish population buried their dead in Virginia or Duluth. Eveleth was five miles away from Virginia. If I remember correctly, the cemetery there wasn't established until much later, so Duluth was used. In Marilyn's chapter, she didn't know why one wasn't established earlier. The newspaper aritcle at least indicates that Solomon Sax wanted one and was willing to help establish one for the community as eary as 1905.

1905-11-27 Virginia, Nathanson and Joseph roman, fundraising

1906-3-2 Virginia, Mesberg, one story building

1906-3-27 Virginia, H. Bloom, 75th birthday, Nathanson - - Party at Virginia in honor of H. Bloom at the house of Mr and Mrs H J Nathanson

1906-3-30 Virginia, Mesberg, pavement

1906-4-2 Virginia, Mesberg, flats

1906-6-9 Virginia, Nathanson Bros. clothing, fire - - Rebuilding of Virginia - Two New Structures started - origin of the big fire

1906-7-3 Virginia, John Mesberg, Russian relatives

1906-7-29 Virginia, Mesberg, cleanup

1906-7-29 Virginia,John Mesberg, ordinance, cows

1906-10-26 Virginia, John Mesberg, morgue and chapel

1906-11-24 Virginia, Herman Nathanson - - 1906 Virginia: Mrs. A. E. Bicford, Julius Shanedling, Louis Cohen,Herman Nathanson, James Lavick.

1907-5-19 Virginia, Jacob Stein, Mesberg

1907-7-7 Herman J. Nathanson , mining - - 1907 Virginia Men Form New Mining Company. H. J. Nathanson.

1907-9-4 Litman Oshinsky wedding - - Marriage, Sarah Litman-Virginia and Robert Oshinsky-Hancok, MI, guests Helstien, Holzberg, Lawrence, Gordon

1907-9-8 Sarah Litman and Robert Oshinsky wed. - - 1907 Sarah Litman of Virginia and Robert Oshinsky of Hancock, Mich. wedding, Mrs. Henry Helstein, Rose Litman, Alice Holzberg, Harry Lawrence, Ben Gordon.

1908-1-7 Virginia, synagogue

1908-3-23 Virginia, John Mesberg, iron ore

1908-5-2 Virginia, Biwabik, J. Mesberg, M. Cohen, accident

1908-5-17 Ike Milasetz and Mrs. Fannie Soloski, Virginia, MN - - 1908 Ike Milasetz and Mrs. Fannie Soloski, realestate transactions. - 3rd col., scroll down

1908-5-30 Virginia, James Lavick, undertaker

1908-6-4 Chisohm Samuel Lippman - - 1908 Chisholm: Tender Reception To Married Couple. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Ritt, Karon's hall, merchant, J. Karto-New York city, Mr. and Mrs. W. Simon, J. Kovel, Samuel Lippman-Virginia, D. Dankman-Mountain Iron, Charles Hallock, D. Elias, Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh Miller-Hibbing.

1908-7-5 Virginia-Cohen, Cowen, high school - - 1908 Virginia: G. Cohen Mary G. Cowan.

1908-8-25 Belle Geisenfeld and Harry Shanedling wed - - 1908 Virginia: Young Wedded Couple Expected At Virginia. Belle Geisenfeld and Harry Shanedling wed. Rabbi Dr. Caaro, Jeanette Shanedling, Lena and Laura Geisenfeld, Sarah Prozinski, Henry Shanedling, Herman Geisenfeld, H. Goldman. Julius and M. Shanedling, Jeanette Shanedling, Henry Shanedling, M. Perlman, G. Pearlman. wedding in Milwaukee, WI. ------ 1908 Harry Shanedling and Belle Geisenfeld wed, Dr. Caaro, guests Jeanette Shanedling, Lena and Laura Geisenfeld, Sarah Prozinski, Henry Shanedling, Herman Geisenfeld, H. Goldman, Julius and M. Shanedling, Henry Shanedling, M. Pearlman, G. Pearlman, Young Wedded couple Expected At Virginia.

1908-10-7 Virginia, synagogue for Hebrews

1908-10-11 Hibbing, Nathanson Bros., Bloom - - 1908 New Department Store At Hibbing. Superior and Virginia People Will Open Business Beginning of New Year. Nathanson Bros. & Bloom

1908-11-8 Virginia, B. N. Lippman

1908-12-20 Virginia, Samuel L. Cohen music - - 1908 Closing Exercises Of Virginia Schools, Samuel L. Cohen, Joseph Lippman, Morris Friedman

1909-5-20 Virginia, Brainerd, Mesaba, Mesberg

1909-9-21 Lena Zien and Benjamin Oberlin, Virginia, Minn. - - 1909 Engagement Announced. Lena Zien and Benjamin Oberlin of Virginia, MN., Mr. and Mrs. H. Zien, 221 Lake Avenue north.

1909-10-10 Virginia, synagogue, $12,000

1910-1-2 Virginia, Mesberg, annex

1910-1-8 Virginia-Mrs. Shanedling obit. - - 1910 Virginia: Mrs. Shanedling obit.

1910-9-28 Virginia, Mary Mesberg, Harry Cohen, engagement

1910-11-7 Virginia, Bessie Litman and Joseph Berinsky wed

1910-11-7 Virginia, Bessie Litman and Joseph Berinsky, Altman - - 1910 Virginia: Festivities Are Wedding Feature. Jewish People of Virginia Have Gal Time at Berinsky-Litman Marriage. Bessie Litman, Joseph Berinsky, Rabbi Booth, Harry Lit man, Libbie Holzberg, John Mesberg, Morris Shanedling, Dan and Sam Melovetz, E. Bickford, Michael Boylan, M. Altman, Mr. H. Helstein, Mr. and Mrs. B. Gordon, Mr. Laurey, Mr. and Mrs. M. Altman, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Altman, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hollock, Alice Holzberg, Neil McInnis, Walter J. Smith.

1910-11-7 Joseph Berinsky and Bessie Litman wed - - 1910 Festivities Are Wedding Feature. Jewish People of Virginia Have Gala Time at Berinsky-Litman Marriage. Virginia: Miss Bessie Litman, Joseph Berinsky wed. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Litman, Rabbi Booth, Harry Litman, Libbie Holzberg, John Mesberg, Morris Shanedling, Dan and Sam Melovetz, City Clerk A. E. Bickford, Alderman Michael Boylan, M. Altman, Mrs. H. Helstein, Mr. and Mrs. B. Gordon, Mr. Laurey, Mr. and Mrs. M. Altman, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hollock, Miss Alice Holzberg, Neil McInnis, Walter J. Smith.

1911-6-18 Jeanette Schandling and Joseph Winberg, Rabbi M. B. Tapletz - - 1911 Virginia: Jeanette Shanedling and Joseph Winberg wed, Rabbi M. B. Taplitz, Morris, Julius, Harry, and Henry Shanedling, Popular Range Girl Weds Philadelphia Man.

1911-7-7 Virginia, jobbers

1911-8-18 Virginia, Mesberg morgue

1911-10-7 Virginia, Samuel Cohen, football - - 1911 Football Season Opens Today At Virginia. Samuel Cohen

1911-11-2 Virginia, Florence Dorfman, Danish dance

1912-1-16 Hibbing, Samuel Sapero - - 1912 Hibbing People Drive 70 Miles To Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sapero. Stevenson to Virginia, 70 miles.

1912-3-4 Eveleth, Nathanson Bros. H. Perlman - - 1912 Eveleth Business Changes. Nathanson Brothers move clothing store Virginia. Ellis Brothers, clothiers, up-to-date deparatment store.

1912-6-2 Virginia, Samuel Cohen, high school graduating class - - 1912 Virginia Turns Out 27 Grads. Largest Range High School Class Will Receive Diplomas June 12. Samuel L. Cohen

1912-8-30 Perlman Goldberg wedding - - 1912 Virginia: Perlman-Goldberg Wedding Next Sunday. A. Goldberg, Anna Perlman.

1912-8-31 Virginia, Rose Aronovitz, Ruding Latz wed

1912-8-31 Virginia, Samuel L. Cohen - - 1912 Virginia Students Who Will Go Away to School. Samuel L. Cohen, Bliss gold medal, Michigan state university.

1912-9-4 Virginia, Rubin Latz and Rose Arnovitz,wed

1912-12-4 Hibbing, Virginia, hides, Ben Karon - - Junk Dealer Fined For Buying Deer Hides, Hibbing, Ben Karen, may be Garon, or Karon from Virginia (?)

1912-12-5 Virginia, Florence Dorfman

1912-12-31 Miller-Jaffe wedding - - Hibbing Girl To Marry Virginia Man, Ida Miller, Sam Jaffe, Virginia, Heyman Miller, Goldie Edelstein, H. Laurie, Rosa Markel.

1913-1-5 Jaffe, Miller wedding, Hibbing - - Hibbing Girl Weds Virginian, Ida Miller, Sam Jaffe, Mrs. L. Wolfe

1913-5-1 Virginia,Rubin and Jacob Latz, gasoline fire

1913-5-25 Virginia, Jacob Latz and Ella Barlowitz wed

1913-5-28 Virginia, Latz Bros. vs. Bubley and Edelstein

1913-6-20 Virginia, Jacob and Ella, honeymoon

1913-6-29 Virginia, Mesaba Range,George Mesberg

1913-8-3 Virginia, Mesberg Furniture Store, fire

1913-8-4 Virginia, Mesberg, fire

1913-8-14 Virginia David Shapiro, domestic dies - - headline

1913-11-9 Virginia,David Shapiro, Ida Gordon Bubley - - headline

1913-12-26 Virginia, Ralph Wilk, hockey

1914-1-4 Selma Camir and Albert S. Friss wed - - 1914 Selma Casmir and Albert S. Friss-Pittsburgh wed. Mr. and Mrs. M. Casmir, 42 East Fifth street, Dr. Kissin-St. Paul, Eva Rachlin, Eleanore Lavick, William Kapvin-St. Paul, Meyer Parker, Charles Finkelstein, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Goldberg-St. Paul, Mrs. Leo Prinz-Pittsburgh, Mrs. B. Miller, Miss Sarah Miller-Eau Claire, Wis., Miss Rose Blum-Marshfield, Wis., Mr. and Mrs. J. Lavick-Virginia, Minn., B. Lavick-Chicago.

1914-3-29 Virginia, B'nai Brith dance, Latz

1914-6-5 Virginia, Herman Nathanson, judge - - 1914 Virginia: Appointed Judges And Clerks Of Election. Herman Nathanson.

1914-6-10 Virginia, Ben, Harry Wilk

1914-6-27 Virginia, Zionism, Bnai Abraham, Judge Bregstone, Chicago

1914-7-10 Virginia, Herman J. Nathanson - - 1914 Virginia: Advertise Carnival, Elks' mid-summer festival. Herman J. Nathanson.

1914-11-5 Virginia, J. M. Averbook, T. J. Crane & Co. - - 1914 Virgina: J. M. Averbook

1914-12-18 Virginia, Samuel L. Cohen, student honored - - 1914 Virginia Student Honored, Samuel L. Cohen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cohen.

1915-2-15 Virginia, Berger, Milavetz, Latz, M. K. Baer

1915-4-12 Virginia, H. J. Nathanson, Park board - - 1915 Virginia: Nathanson Again Will Be Member Of Park Board. H. J. Nathanson.

1915-5-27 Virginia, Adolph Kellar, picnic committee

1915-10-8 Dorothy Loeb and Ernest Hertz wedding - - Reverand Maurice Lefkovitz marries them at the bride's home in a simple ceremony. Attendants are Virginia Abraham,, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abraham, Walter Meyer of Cleveland, Ohio is best man. Mrs. M. P. Shapiro hosts a luncheon, Mrs. Leon J. Selig entertains a breakfast-bridge, Mrs. I. Freimuth gives a dinner for them at her home, Mr. and Mrs. Loep give a prenuptial dinne. Their plans are to go west, Seattle, Wash. and California for the winter.

1915-11-26 Virginia, Herman Nathanson - - 1915 Virginia Charities Elects Directors. Mrs. Herman Nathanson, Mrsl E. N. Simons.

1915-12-7 Virginia B-nai Brith

1915-12-19 Zalk, dancers - - Minneapolis Dancers Visit Here En Route To Virginia, Lucile Wilk, E. Reno Wilk, Mr. and Mrs. M. Zalk

1916-1-21 Ben Milavetz - - Virginia Jews Will Aid War Sufferers, Virginia: Max Lewis, Sam Milavetz, Adolph Kellar, Julius Shanedling, Ben Milavetz, Sam Lippman, Rubin Latz, M. K. Baer, Ralph Wilk, Nathan Kellar, Julius Shanedling.

1916-1-21 Virginia, Sam and Ben, Milavetz

1916-1-23 Virginia, Adolph Kellar horsedealer

1916-1-28 Virginia, Jewish Relief Fund

1916-1-28 Eveleth, Jewish Relief, Ellis, Siegel, Levant - - 1916 Virginia: Jewish Relief Fund Exceeds Estimate. Eastern Mesaba Residents Contribute Liberally to Aid European War Suffers.Sam Ellis, Samuel Siegel, Harry Levant, Max Lewis, Sam Milavetz, Julius Shanedling, Morris Shanedling, Ben Milavetz, Sam Lippman, Raeten Latz, M. K. Baer, Ralph Wilk, Nathan Kellar.

1916-1-29 Sam Siegel, Virginia , Jewish relief fund

1916-1-29 Eveleth, Jewish Relief Fund, Sam Ellis - - 1916 Virginia Relief Fund Totals $1,200. Eastern Mesaba Cities and Towns Contribute Liberlally to War Sufferers. Julius Shanedling, Sam Siegel, Frank Rabinowit, Jacob Stein, Sam Siegel, Sam Ellis, Louis Rubenstein, Louis Siegel, H. A. Levant, G. H. Perlman, George Mesberg, Frank Weinberg, M. Kaner, H. Siegel, J. Winer, Harry White, Joe Learner.

1916-3-10 Virginia B'nai Brith

1916-3-10 Virginia, B'nai Brith, Nathan Kellar, toastmaster

1916-3-13 Virginia, Zionism

1916-5-7 First Passenger train, Milavetz - - Virginia Plans Royal Welcome, First Passenger Train, Ben Milavetz

1916-5-11 Claire Lippman - - 1916 Virginians Are Awarded Prizes. Birdhous Building Contest Comes to Close-Leaders Get Cash. Fred Gorham, Winner. Frances Lippman Wins Typewriting Contest Whch Proves "Speed Fest."

1916-5-29 Virginia, Frances Lippman

1916-6-13 Virginia, Florence Dorfman, recital

1916-8-26 Virginia, Samuel Cohen, tennis - - 1916 Tennis Tournament At Virginia Today. Samuel Cohen, Dr. C. E. Gooman, Ralph Wilk.

1916-10-24 Myron E. Lippman obit. - - 1916 Myron E. Lippman Dies At Virginia. son Sam Lippman- - What is interesting to note is in the year 1916 Virginia did not have a cemetery yet. It was still in the planning stage. So Duluth was still used. (comments included)

1916-10-25 Virginia, Myron Lipman obit

1916-10-25 Myron E. Lippman obit. - - 1916 Myron E. Lippman Dies At Virginia. son Sam Lippman-South Central avenue, widow, Mrs. S. Dangiger-Carpentia, Russia, Sam Lippman-Virginia, Ben and Henry Lippman-Hibbing. European war, unable to return.

1916-10-27 Eveleth, Morris Greenberg - - 1916 Eveleth-Virginia To Clash Saturday. Greenberg

1916-10-30 Virginia M. E. Lippman, establish cemetery

1916-11-21 Virginia, Herman J. Nathanson, appraiser - - 1916 Finish Lenont Condmnation. Virginia Board of Appraisers Finishes Task-City to Purchase. Lenont hospital, appraisers pay owners of realty, Morris Shanedling, appraisers Herman J. Nathanson. Julius Shanedling offers lots for city hall purposes.

1917-1-9 Virginia B'nai Brith banquet

1917-1-16 Latt-Rudnitsky wedding, Soloski, Solosko, I. Cohen - - guests: Esther Soloski, M. Solosko, and Mrs. I. Cohen from Virginia, Minnesota.

1917-4-4 Virginia, Samuel Latz obit. sons Hyman, Rubin, Jacob

1917-5-3 Virginia, Solomon Sax, son Simon, accident - - 1917 Virginia: Babies Cause Law Suit. One Shot In Eye In Play. Simon Sax, Solomon Sax, margaret McDonald.

1917-5-9 Virginia, Bernard Dorfman,Juvenile orchestra

1917-6-27 Virginia, Julius Shanedling, fundraising

1917-7-21 Virginia, Louis and Edward Bubley, draft - - headline

1917-9-16 Virginia, Solomon Sax, eye injury to child - - 1917 Virginia: Tiny Girl Declares Wooden Dart Will Handicap Mr. Cupid. Margaret McDonald, Wilber F. McDonald, Simon Sax, Solomon Sax.

1917-9-18 Virginia, Solomon Sax, Simon Sax, child injury - - 1917 Wooden Dart Makes Mr. Cupid Shy, But It Gets $2,500 For Girl. Margaret McDonald, Simon Sax.

1917-9-27 Sigmond Slonim - - 1917 Jury Convicts Maki Of "Criminal Syndicalism" First Time Such a Thing Has Happened in Minnesota-Appeal to Be Taken. Virginia: Attorney Sigmond Slonim-Duluth.

1918-1-17 Lippman, Ellism Milavetz - - Virginia: To Hold Funeral Of Sam Lippman At Virginia Today, friends, Shanedling, Milavetz, Keller, Goodman, Sachs, Ellis, Peck, Weil, Booth

1918-1-18 Ben Milavetz - - Virginia: Ben Milavetz, name taken off ballot

1918-1-27 Virginia, Sam Lippman obit

1918-1-27 Virginia, Lippman obit., Harry Ellis - - 1918 To Hold Funeral of Sam Lippman At Virginia Today. B'nai Abraham synagogue, Rabbi Pfeiffer, Max Lewis, Julius Shanedling, Sam Milavetz, Adolph Keller, Dr. C. E. Goodman, Maurice Shanedling, A. Sachs, Harry Ellis, Maurice Peck, Irwin Weil, M. B. Booth, Harry Shanedling, Claire and Frances Lippman, Joseph Lippman.

1918-2-25 Virginia, Herman Nathanson, registration of aliens - - 1918 Registration Of Aliens Begins At Virginia Today. Between 4000 and 7000 Names Believed Will Be Recorded. Many Volunteers to Aid. Volunteer, Herman J. Nathanson. Must Give Up Weapons.

1918-6-10 Virginia, Shapiro, accident

1918-6-11 Virginia, Emanuel Cohen Jewish Fund - - 1918 Seek $5,000 For Jewish Fund. Virginia, Emanuel Cohen, Samuel Neveleff, Julius Shandeling.

1918-9-7 Virginia, Latz Bros. vs. Oliver Iron Mining Co

1918-9-24 Benjamin Robert Solinski - - 1918 Asks Exemption From Draft; Is Denied Papers. Fifty-One Citizenship Petitioners, 19 of Them Austrians, Told to Wait Until Later. Virginia: Benjamin Robert Solinski granted.

1918-11-8 Jacob Garon, second lieutenant - - Duluth and Virginia Man Recommended To Leiutenancy, Jacob Garon

1918-12-25 Virginia, J.J. Omerberg' auto corps

1919-1-23 Virginia, Leon Latz

1919-1-25 Virginia, Bessie Arnovitz obit

1919-3-1 Virginia, Ernest Lippman

1919-3-18 Virginia, Daisy Solosky - - 1919 Virginia: Daisy Solosky

1919-4-15 Virginia, Rudolf Soloski - - 1919 Virginia: Two Boys Hurt By Automobile. Police Seek Driver of Car; Accident Follows Liberty Loan Parade. Wallace Walker and Rudolph Soloski.

1919-4-25 Virginia, Jacob Latz estate

1919-5-24, Herman Nathanson - - 1919 Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Nathanson of Virginia entertained at a dinner last night at the Congress hotel.

1919-6-19 Samuel Cohen, condemed building - - 1919 Deputy Fire Marshall O'Dea Condemns Eighth Building. Virginia, Samuel Cohen, 111 First street South.

1919-7-4 Buhl, Samuel Cohen, Wilk, Shanedling, tennis - - 1919 Buhl, Virginia Tennis Teams May Play Match, Monroe Shanedling, Ralph Wilk, Samuel Cohen.

1919-8-4 Esther Solinski - - 1919 Appointments For Schools Announced, Rural Teachers of St. Louis County Are Listed For Year. Virginia: Esther Solinski

1919-8-12 Virginia, Mr Mrs John Mesberg, 50th anniversary

1919-8-23 Virginia, miners badge, Cohen, Mesberg, old settlers

1919-9-25 Virginia, photo, M. K. Baer, railroad rates

1919-10-18 Virginia, M. Berger - - 1919 Better Express Service Is Demaned At Virginia. L. M. Berger, Morris Shanedling, M. K. Baer.

1920-2-19 Mrs Carl Shapiro - - 1920 Mrs. Carl Shpiro of Virginia

1920-3-7 Virginia, B'nai Brith, Latz, Shanedling, Wilk

1920-6-29 Virginia, Lavick, Mesberg, Kenner

1920-8-26 J. H. Garon, Virginia, poultry egg laying

1920-8-27 Virginia, Freida and Joseph Schwartz, Poland

1920-9-12 Virginia, B'nai Abraham cantor M. B. Booth

1920-11-30 Rose Levenson and David Segal wed - - 1920 Former Duluth Man Weds Librarian At Virginia. Rose Levenson and Dald Segal.

1920-12-7 Virginia, Rosewall obit

1920-12-12 Chisholm, Cigar Maker, Virginia, Nathan Horwitz - - 1920 Chisholm: Cigar Makers' Union Holds Annual Election, Nathan Horwitz, Virginia

1921-2-1 Virginia, Abe Karlinsky-Eveleth, contest - - 1921 Gilbert And Eveleth Students Win Contests. Virginia: Abe Karlinsky-Eveleth.

1921-2-14 Isadore Nathanson - - 1921 Virginia: Winners In Declamation Contest At Virginia Named. Isadore Nathanson, "Citizenship".

1921-5-27 Virginia, Mrs. Adolph Kellar, women jury

1921-9-6 Virginia, Carl Shapiro, touring car stolen

1921-11-1 Zionism Virginia, Bankman, Lieberman, Milavetz

1921-12-1 Virginia, Florence Dorfman vocalist

1921-12-29 Virginia Calendar, Joseph Garon - - headline

1922-1-29 Virginia, Rachael Finn

1922-2-5 Virginia, Harriet Schandling and Samuel Codon wed, Rabbis I. Meyerovitz, J. B. Hurwitz, Eli Krieberg - - 1922 Virginia: Harriet Schanedling and Nathan Coddon wed, Rabbi I. Meyerowitz-St. Paul, Rabbi J. B. Hurwitz, Rev. Eli Krieberg, Julius Schanedling, Samuel Coddon, Esther Woolpy, Ruth Lieberman, Mildred Coddon, Ethel Shrader, H. S. Koff, Phyllis Schanedling, Leonard Lieberman, Monroe Schanedling, George Wolf, Samuel Coddon, Charles Coddon, Morris Schanedling, Harry Schanedling, Samuel L. Cohn, J. Meyers, Henry Coddon, Meyer Dolf (Dorf?), Gabriel Pearlman, F. Schanedling, Max Hirschfield, Annette Hirschfield.

1922-3-8 Union of American Hebrew congregations - - 1922 Duluth Takes Part in Revivial for Aid of Jewish Religion. Chisholm, Eveleth, Keller, Hurley, Mankato, Virginia an Winona will be visited by rabbis and laymen from St. Paul and Duluth to promote a revival and development of the Jewish religion. Conducted by the Union of American Hebrew congregations. Rabbi Elvin E. Luchs, Alvin I. Freimuth, Rabbi Jacohb I. Meyerovitz, Jacob Dittenhofer.

1922-3-10 Rabbis and laymen for smaller communities - - 1922 Rabbi Offers Nearby Towns Religious Aid. Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, I. Freimuth, Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Help establish synagogues in Chisholm, Eveleth, Hibbing, Hurley, Mankato, Virginia, and Winona.

1922-3-11 Virginia, D. S. Scheibel, change

1922-3-24 Virginia, speaker, Solie Groman

1922-3-24 Raymond Perlman from Eveleth - - 1922 Virginia: Fourteen High Speakers Seek Distric Honor, Raymond Perlman from Eveleth.

1922-5-17 Virginia, B'nai Abraham, Rabbi Alvin Luchs

1922-5-20 Virginia, Sam Milavetz

1922-6-3 Virginia Women's Study club, Shapiro

1922-7-21 Virginia, Eveleth, Samuel L. Cohen, tennis - - 1922 Five More Enter Virginia Playground Tennis Meet., Eveleth, Samuel Cohen.

1922-8-6 Cohen-Jaffe lic., Virginia - - headline

1922-8-29 Virginia, Lillian Simons and I. W. Winner, wed, D. S. Scheibel

1922-9-27 Junior Hadassah, Virginia, Milavetz, Isaac

1922-9-27 Virginia, Hadassah

1922-9-28 Hadassah, Virginia, Milavetz, Shanedling

1922-10-2 Hadassah, Virginia

1922-10-10 Virginia, B'nai Milavetz, Jaffe, Dorfman, Kaner, Cohen, Simon, etc - - headline

1922-10-10 Virginia, Mesberg, Dorfman, Jaffee, Cohen, Scheiber, Bankman

1922-11-4 Virginia, Nathan Kellar, Armistice Ball

1922-11-20 Eveleth, B'nai Brith - - 1922 B'nai Brith, A. B. Kapplin, Samuel Nides-Hibbing, M. K. Baer-Virginia, Harry L. Levant-Eveleth, Dr. L. M. Harris-Superior, Gustavus Loewinger-St. Paul, Rabbi J. I. Meyerowitz-St. Paul, Rabbi Meyerowitz, Rabbi Alvin S. Luchs, Segal's orchestra.

1922-11-24 Virginia, Florence Dorfman, music students

1922-11-28 Virginia, B'nai Brith banquet, M. K. Baer

1922-12-23 Virginia, Josephine Wilk, Milavets

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