Great Lakes Woolen Discount House - Duluth

Great Lakes Woolen Discount House was located on Superior Street in Duluth. Abraham Roy Latts (1890-1956) was the president in 1937, according to the 1937 Duluth Directory (see below). His son Irvin A Latts (1917-1996) was the owner and president later until he retired in 1985, according to his obituary. More information on the family is presented further down this page.

Superior Street View - - hi res

1937 Duluth Directory - - full page

Irvin A Latts obituary

The Latts family was also involved with Kremen-Duluth Company which was owned by Nathan Kremen. Samuel C Latts (1893-1964) was a salesman for Kremen-Duluth, according to the 1937 Duluth Directory, and Irvin A Latts was its owner and president until he retired in 1985.

Latts family-tree data are provided below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Several more related documents and images are presented below.

Abraham Roy Latts - WWII Draft Registration - - Click here

Golde Gertrude Friedman Latts cemetery markers - - Click here

Irvin A Latts 1917-1996 and Esther Avon 1921-1972 markers - - Click here

Morris Friedman Duluth WW2 Draft p.1 - - Click here
...... Morris Friedman (1905-1991) also worked for Great Lakes Woolen according to his draft registration.
...... Morris was a half brother of Goldie Friedman Latts, wife of Abraham Roy Latts.

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