Kremen-Duluth Company - Duluth

The Kremen-Duluth Company was located at 2024 West Superior Street in Duluth. It was originally owned and operated by Nathan Kremen (1902-1986).

According to Nate's daughter Jan Kremen Thorkelson, Kremen-Duluth was a wholesaler for men's clothing, mostly outerwear, and rubber footwear. Nate purchased from various manufacturers; his main supplier was LaCrosse Rubber Company. "I just remember that he traveled quite a bit for business and worked very hard, often six or seven days a week. I know I visited the store a lot as a child and had fun there. It was extremely well organized and I can still kind of picture the interior."

Nate retired in 1968, and according to Jan, "he sold the company to two of the people who worked for him, possibly Irving Rahill and Ben Davis." It was later owned by Irvin A Latts, according to his obituary; Irvin also owned Great Lakes Woolen Discount House in Duluth.

Several ads from Kremen-Duluth that were published in the American Jewish World are shown below.

Nathan Kremen (1902-1986) was a son of Anna Futran (1879-1962) and David Kremen (1875-1942). Family tree data for Nate and his parents, siblings and daughter are shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Nate Kremen was also active in the Jewish communitoy.

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