Helperin Tailor - Duluth

Helperin Tailor was located in Duluth in the 400 block of West Superior Street, on the lower (south) side. It was located next to the Sandler Fur Shop.

The following pictures show the Helperin Taylor business on Superior Street and a larger view of the street. The photo was taken in 1925 and is courtesy of the University of Minnesota Duluth, Kathryn A. Martin Library, Northeast Minnesota Historical Collections.

Helperin Tailor 1925 - zoom to sign and street view.
The entire picture of the Superior Street view is shown below.

Superior Street view in 1925 - hi res - - Creator: McKenzie, Hugh, 1879-1957
View of downtown Duluth looking east from Fifth Avenue West. These are the businesses and buildings on the south side of Superior Street.
In sequence from the right are Spalding Hotel, the Manhattan office building 412-418 West Superior Street, Fargusson building 400 West Superior Street.
note: I recall going to movies at the Lyceum theater across the street.

The owners of the Helperin businesses in Duluth were the descendents of Rose or Rosa Benowitz or Bonime (1955-1912) and Jacob Helperin (1851-1911). More information on the Helperin family can be found on the page for Rosa and Jacob.

According to Elihu Romberg, Jacob and Rosa (or Rose) appear in the 1900 and 1910 census as husband and wife. Also see (below) the 1911 city directory.

Jacob occupation in the 1900 census is "Clergyman Jew Rabbi." On his headstone it says S"B (acronym for Shochet u'Bodek, i.e. ritual slaughterer). I see in another city directory that Jacob is a butcher. (My great great grandfather in Bellaire, Ohio, same time frame, was same occupation. To perform ritual slaughter, i.e. to ensure meat is kosher, requires a degree of rabbinical knowledge).

In any case: Jacob's headstone says Yakov S"B (ritual slaughterer) son of Moshe Hakohen. Died 4 Nisan 5671.

Rose is difficult to read, but could be Raizel daughter of Chaim Leib. (More confidence in Chaim, less on second word Leib). Minnesota death records says she died 29 November 1912. Which should be 20 Kislev 5673. Although headstone appears to say the year 5693. Probably an engraver's mistake, and should read 5673.

1911 Duluth city directory

The translation above was courtesy of Elihu Romberg.

The owners of the Helperin businesses in Duluth appear were the descendents of Rose or Rosa Benowitz or Bonime (1955-1912) and Jacob Helperin (1851-1911). A two-generation list of their descendents is shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

Edward Helperin was the manager of Scotland Woolen Mills Company in Duluth in 1903 and 1904 (or perhaps for more years). Edward and his brothers Lewis and Morris worked for the Harry Mitchells store in Minneapolis in 1906, as the clipping below shows. According to the full Harry Mitchell ad, they are Minneapolis' finest tailor.


Morris Helperin worked for Harry Mitchell in Chicago in 1919. Louis Helperin was the Minneapolis manager for Harry Mitchel before he opened his own apparel shop in Duluth in 1923. The two clipping below show more info.

Chicago Tribune - 24 Apr 1919

The American Jewish World - 5 Jan 1923

Obituaries for Morris and Louis are shown below.

source: Jack's Family Tree Database

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