Scotland Woolen Mills Company - Duluth

Scotland Woolen Mills Company was located at 109 West Superior Street. Edward Helperin (1882-1962) was the manager. The Helperin family was active in the dry goods business community in Duluth and owned Helperin Tailor.

Edward was a son of Rosa Bonime Helperin (1855-1912) and Rabbi Jacob Helperin (1851-1911). Jacob was born in Poland and lived in Duluth and died there. More about the Helperin family can be found on the page for Rosa and Jacob and the page for Helperin Tailor.



More Information about Edward Helperin is provided in the clippings below.

Minneapolis Star tribune ad cropped - 3 Mar 1906
Edward and his brothers Lewis and Morris worked for the Harry Mitchells store in Minneapolis in 1906.
According to the full Harry Mitchell ad, Harry Mitchell was Minneapolis's finest tailor.

Edward Helperin engaged to Alice Fergelson - January 1909

Edward Helperin and Alice Fergelson pre-nuptial parties - May 1909

source: The American Jewish World - - 20 August 1937 and 11 Feb 1938

Obituary for Edward Helperin (1882-1962)

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