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Aaron, this is your website starting with this page, which I called page1. You can use the examples provided here to create text, insert pictures and creat links to other pages. Just copy the text for these examples, paste it else where in this file and edit to your liking. You can also remove the text that is here now.

This webpage is sourced by an html file called page1.html.
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Your website resides in a folder called Aaron on the www.garon.us file structure. There is currenly one subfolder called pix which holds your image files. The full address for this page is www.garon.us/aaron/page1.html

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Aaron driving the Mustang in June 2019

You can use pictures from the main website (or most others) with a right click to save the picture and then move it to your pix folder.

The pictures and text below were copied from the visit webpage that I am working on.

Aaron with the Mustang
Aaron had turned 16 in May and got his driver learning permit before coming to Tucson. So, Aaron moved from the passenger seat during his March visit to the drivers' seat in June.
............................ from the page Four Grandkids Visit to Tucson - - 2019

March 2019 .......................................................... June 2019

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